Trump: “Military In Charge Of Country”

In stunning new audio, President Donald Trump indicates that he never received a vaccination. He also reveals that the United Sates Military is in charge of the country, that a plan of action is in place to return our nation to a constitutionally limited representative republic, and that a blackout is coming soon. The military has also revealed that the current Surgeon General of the United Sates is a CGI. John Carman says something really strange is happening at the White House, and that an EMP attack may soon be upon us. Janine Linehan previews her latest intel on the Cabal. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. 01/17/2021
    1:50 PM CST.

    Is this Good News?

    The longer this goes on the more of a sordid mess this becomes. The answer to corrupt government is implementation of more government with an entrenched military command structure? REALLY?

    What happens when the military wants a piece of the action? Do the leaders in the military want the United States returned as it was before the 2020 election?

    HELL NO!

    The military will demand social change. The fragile American Republican structure was corrupted by traitors in government. Will they cede this power to return to the way it was before? NOPE.

    There is too much money showing on multiple facets.

    The longer this continues I am afraid, the weaker the leadership is shown to be.


  2. That has finally dawned on you Daniel? That’s ok I know kids that were slow too. It important to go slow with the likes of you. Anyone that could not see what a self centered piece of shit Trump always has been has not been paying attention.

    • I have never met you, and I feel my skin crawl. I need to take a shower the rabies seem to ooze right though the screen at me.

      I’ll quote a a Jew you probably fully admire. The smart but Satanic Kissenger stated that power is NEVER given but is always TAKEN. Once it is taken, never usually given back. Washington was an exception because be ceded power as a Revolutionary General (King) to a balanced governmental structure. A single person.

      This is different, because Trump is not in charge. He has given power (if true) to a phalanx military structure. Will this structure give-up power to a single American President? I would be surprised if this happens.

      You enjoy, please, squeezing your warts and pimples for me okay..?

  3. Negativity and name calling are unacceptable. We need camaraderie, positive unity and civility, not nastiness. Emulate our founding fathers and elevate your consciousness, or you’re not worth reading.

  4. I just dont believe any of it. What i dont get is Flynn and others still insist what you say is true. They have their whole Careers to lose. IF its so true why is the WH and everyone else on earth going along w this fiasco. We know Biden isnt at the WH, no Visitors have ever been allowed in i dont think, the Log isnt released. We are running out of time, we cannot wait till 2024.

  5. If we the people don’t belive in hope our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, stop the name calling disbelievers them your no better the ones trying to take away our freedom! I belive Trump is in charge and must still remain in the shadows to come back to being back freedom, but to do this they’d to many dark evil people with agendas that will stop him if he reveals his plans.

    • 01/24/20212-10:35 CST

      Yes, Believe in Jesus Christ.

      A secret military government is NOT what the Founding Fathers wanted. If Mr. Trump is in charge of a secret military alliance, it is a “hot potato”, he is likely not in control of. The longer this goes on, the worse things become. If Trump emerges from this, and we get the FULL story, he will be our Greatest Hero next to Jesus Christ. Really.

      All we want is Truth. If Trump is a charlatan, let us know it, as soon as possible so we can go in another direction.

      A little psychology for you. Negativity is not bad, necessarily, especially when it intends to combat blatant direct and scurrilous attacks, which are senseless and are in fact negative.

      In philosophy, a logical proof or in mathematics use negativity all the time.
      Please consider the following statement:

      “It is not untrue that not all or most Democrats dislike Joe Biden at this time.”

      This could be symbolized as follows:
      -D (Not all or most Democrats)
      -L (dislike Joe Biden)
      -T (it is untrue)
      > (that)


      This complex negative statement is SUGGESTING that most Democrats at this point in time DO in fact dislike Joe Biden. In other words, it is not un-true that most Democrats at this point in time hate Joe Biden. Negative formulation, positive statement.

      This simple math equation:

      -(4-8) +3
      -(-4) +3 =7.

      Using NEGATIVE rhetoric when property matched, leads to a positive outcome. Mr. Trump understands this. Use logic and reason. Understand how to use it.

      • There has been since 1530 a long standing SECRET military order in this World. The are known as the Jesuits. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Monroe, Lincoln and Kennedy ALL referred to the “sinister influence of the Jesuits”.

        Read: Eric Jon Phelps: “Vatican Assassins” and learn who the old Devil and Serpent really is.

      • What about non negative? Like Dan is not unfurrier than trumps trumpeter? Not untrue?

  6. That audio of Mr T was so obviously AI deep faking his voice while reading out text some random guy wrote. Trump is the reason the vaccine was approved before adequately tested. He offered billions in cash and gave them immunity. Operation Warp Speed logo is omicron symbol, circle with eye in the middle plus masonic cube with checker board. Trump took 1 million from Pfizer. Trump says he is the father of the vaccine due to operation warp speed, and he said he took it and everyone should get it. Trump doesn’t call it a fake pandemic of pcr testing but calls it the worst attack ever, so he can claim to be the hero of it. No fake audio can correct that. Dumb shitpost.

  7. If you open the door to having Christianity taught in public schools, then you have no choice but to allow any other religious doctrine to be taught in public schools. Including satanic or luciferian doctrine. You absolutely can’t complain about that with any credibility.

    • When the TRUTH is taught, Satans lies do not need to be taught

      Those that teach Satans lies – scripture explains it –

      40 And Elijah said unto them, Take the prophets of Baal; let not one of them escape. And they took them: and Elijah brought them down to the brook Kishon, and slew them there.

      1 Kings 18:40 KJV

  8. The Trump voice is obviously put together via digital means. Its him but one word at a time was assembled digitally to make th whole. Its not real.

  9. Philosopher’s of Old observed the world to see How the Cosmic Process works. In Nature it is simple; format info is compressed into seeds, which unfold, develop, fruit and pass on their info pattern for survival as new seeds. Then ALL forms compost and dissolve back into dark and rich soil, which is the memory of the DEATH of every Form that ever evolved.
    Humans meanwhile, with their limited dollop of the Light of Reason, use this Reason to try and find ways to squeeze a few extra days or years out of their designed Term Limits. The endless cruel and stupid machinations of Empire to prolong their sad ego states a wee bit more, sad and cruel as they even try to suck out life force from slaves and victims; but it always ends with them dying just like every one else.
    This raging against the Dark is ego-in-separation-from-Nature simply not getting that they too are a construct of Nature or an expression of “God’s Mind” as Consciousness enjoying the Game of discovering It-Self as IT takes on every evolving form. We think so small.
    Billions of stars, billions of planets, LIFE arising in self-knowing in every possible workable form, always delighting in self-discovery.
    Take stock of your situation and realize that as in history we can see that EVERYTHING will change and yet keep arising in New Forms, …old wine in new bottles. LIFE goes on but your favorite little version of Life is just a passing fancy in the Mind of the Author.
    Don’t fret it, and stop being an asshole trying to glom onto another few moments of your navel-gaving consumerist childish pleasure seeking. You are toast. As we all are.
    So now maybe think of the Garden, of the Soil, and take care of it, as if there is any chance that “you” will come back again for further education, try to be smart enough to make sure the place will be clean and decent.
    And if there are ETs who want a shot vacationing on this pearl of a planet, well then who are you to keep them out? What exactly have YOU done to make the place better anyway? Your “rights?!” What a joke. Earn them by being a Good Steward, not some idiot who demands 5% growth on his portfolio without giving a thought to where such falsified profit comes from, and who must pay the price for your selfish demand for your thoughtless pleasure addiction.
    The concept of a “Savior” as embodied in the historically missing Jesus Christ (for God’s sake, stupid people, move past being imprinted and never questioning the myths of your youth)is and was to give you peace that Life will continue even after bodily death…but not as the stupid juvenile idiot you currently are. Talk about HELL. Living for eternity (doing what? do you every think of this?) as your current jerk-off self …?
    Every winter, Nature burns it down. So? Shut up and relax. it’s over for the Old Way which has become unworkable.

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