Dark Outpost 06-09-2021 Joe Biden 666

Was Joe Biden selected as President to set the stage for globalization? Is this the beginning of the end times and the Mark of the Beast? Emanuel Blue has some answers. Ginny Silcox continues her discussion on HAARP. Dr. James Fetzer gives us an update on Sandy Hook and his legal case. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. To Tell The Truth With Bill Cullen

    Bill Cullen:
    “And will the REAL Joe Robinette Biden ..PLEASE STAND UP!..”
    (hum hum) “Ah and again, will the REAL Joe Robinette Biden..PLEASE STAND UP!”
    (Ah hum hum) Will the REAL Joe Robinette Biden..PLEASE…….STAND UP!!!”

    “Ladies and Gentlemen!!!! I think we have a contest winner, ….just as soon as he stops tripping over his shoe laces!”

  2. This article makes a hot damned good point, and brings more significance to the number 6, in three digit intervals, of a nine digit sequence. Nature is attuned to the law of numbers. Sometimes at a harmful frequency. Ask your galactic counsel. Okay, well you could get lucky I mean Gosh Hardies!

    And so it may, and so it shall, that you only accept what comes in the mail. The Burger King coupons are more legit, than the anchors and such that are full of shit, if you think you know, and know that you can, you can stand below your ass and be a man. Don’t be a boy fan.

    I do enjoy your website in every sense, including the ads that show cleavage. In the given leeway of justification, I still declare my regret for calling you “David Boo Boo Lick”. You’re too old for this cobbler’s knob poppycock. I wouldn’t be surprised if your sudden reply was curt. Boo.

    Try to grow the beard against the grain, it would help to de-emphasize it. Also in younger videos you looked a little Chinese. Are you a shapeshifter?

  3. The idea of suggesting an even remote resemblance between “the beast” and this old senile crook demonstrates total lack of plain common sense. Sorry Dave, but no more credibility.

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