Biden Is Coming! Gun Owners Line Up Outside Stores Across The U.S. And Continue Panic Buying Amid Fears The New Pedodent Will Enforce Harsher Gun Control

Gun store owners across the country have reported a big increase in sales in the two weeks preceding Joe Biden’s inauguration as Second Amendment lovers stock up amid fears the new administration will enact tougher gun-control legislation.

Firearm sellers in states such as California, Virginia, Tennessee, Montana and Florida have seen lines stretching out the doors of some stores with some buyers camping out from 2am to beat out the crowds before supplies run out.

Many sellers are reporting shortages of firearms and ammunition as manufacturers bump up prices to profit from the demand, and restrictions are placed on sales to prevent stocks from completely drying up.

While the rush for more guns first hit in March as the pandemic began, gun retailers say that the incoming Biden administration has caused even more people to begin panic buying.