Associated Press To Keep ‘White’ Lower Case While Capitalizing ‘Black’ In News Articles

The Ministry of Truth issues a new decree

The Associated Press says it will keep all mentions of ‘white’ in racial terms lower-case while uppercasing ‘Black’ in news articles.

The AP is pushing this “rule” in its updated guidelines on word choices, punctuation, and other style points that’s sent to journalists across the country, although some news rooms have adopted their own formatting rules due to controversial changes by the AP in the past.

“There was clear desire and reason to capitalize Black,” said John Daniszewski, the AP’s vice president for standards. “Most notably, people who are Black have strong historical and cultural commonalities, even if they are from different parts of the world, and even if they now live in different parts of the world. That includes the shared experience of discrimination due solely to the color of one’s skin.”

However, he said there’s “less support for capitalizing white,” claiming that “white people generally do not share the same history and culture, or the experience of being discriminated against because of skin color” and that AP is “a global news organization, and in much of the world there is considerable disagreement, ambiguity, and confusion about whom the term [white] includes.”

In other words, the decision is pure sociology that has nothing to do with proper grammar and formatting.

But more specifically, it’s incredibly racist to promote one group over another based solely on skin color by suggesting that, globally, blacks have an identity but whites do not.

And it’s rather bizarre for a news agency to claim that whites aren’t “being discriminated against” when that is, in fact, occurring right now in South Africa where white farmers are being targeted and murdered solely based on their skin color.

What’s behind the AP decision is a cult-like movement obsessed with cancelling critical thinking and logic in favor of emotionally-driven “social justice” which embraces the very discrimination that it claims to be fighting against.

In their minds, using discrimination today to fight past discrimination will somehow stop discrimination altogether, but this will actually just result in more unnecessary divisions.