Adam Schiff Arrested At LAX Airport

Adam Schiff arrested at LAX airport on charges of murder and attempted murder. He participated in human sacrifice parties in which he dressed as an Egyptian and black male prostitutes were found dead.


  1. Yes and this shady democrat also very outspoken about his best pal, another pedophile Doctor (NBC News health segment 1980s/90s) Bruce Hensel who was just recently busted in Los Angeles for soliciting sexually suggestive photos from A 9 YEAR OLD CHILD

    • hes already been executed for Treason,Crimes against children,sedition,insurrection,money launderin, Rico

  2. You all are idiots foe believing this. It’s not true, any of this shit. You are all being led down the road like a bunch of sheep with false news, no evidence, only some shit head who says “I heard” or “they say” or “I’ve been told”.

      • He’s full of 🐑 Shit, a STUPIEDS that’s what Emerson is, PUNK trouble maker

    • It’s idiots like you that think your so smart when in reality your to stupied to check it out, it’s called homework, instead of making yourself out a dumb ass sheeple, yes your a fucking sheeple the ones to brainwashed to ever understand what’s going on and has been for more years than you’ve been alive, so please SHUT that pie hole of no nothing, get some integrity and self worth, unless your one of them if that’s the case, FUCK OFF

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