50,000 Chinese Soldiers Were Bombed And Killed In Maine Which Was Listed As An Earthquake

Hal Turner Radio Show has just Reported, “50,000 Chinese Soldiers were Bombed and Killed in Maine which was listed as an Earthquake.” Then an F16 was taken down in Michigan. 3 Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups Deployed on the West Coast and 2 Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups Deployed on the East Coast “POSITION TO SHOOT DOWN INCOMING NUCLEAR MISSILES.” The Chinese and Russian Navy are now Positioned for a Quick Move to Position “FROM WHICH THEY COULD QUICKLY ATTACK THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!”



Over the past four days, there have been MASSIVE movements of troops, equipment and supplies WITHIN the continental United States (CONUS).  Today (Tue.), the US Navy is positioning Aircraft carriers and their strike groups off both the US east and west coasts.  It appears we are preparing to defend ourselves from an invasion.  China?

Late Saturday, no fewer than 25 C-17 aircraft were in the skies over the USA, carrying troops and equipment from around the nation . . . ALL going to Nellis Air Force Base. (Story Here).

Also late Saturday, no fewer than 12 C-130 aircraft were also on the move, ALSO ALL heading into Nellis.




On Sunday, locals on and around Nellis reported the base was “swarming” with soldiers and Marines.  They also reported seeing a vast array of land fighting vehicles coming out of cargo aircraft.


This morning, according the the US Naval Institute, the Navy has deployed THREE (3) Aircraft Carriers, plus a Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) off the US West Coast, and TWO (2) Aircraft carriers and their Strike Groups plus another LHD off the US East Coast.

Off the West Coast is the USS Carl Vinson in the Pacific (NOT AT PORT) along the Oregon/Washington Border, the USS Essex (LHD) off the coast of San Francisco, and the USS Theodore Roosevelt and its Strike Group off the coast of Los Angeles . . .

Off the East Coast are the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower off the Coast of Connecticut, the USS Gerald R. Ford off the coast of New Jersey, and the USS Iwo Jima off the coast of South Carolina . . .

The map below lays out the approximate location of the vessels:

Given these new naval deployments, and the very large, sudden, movement of troops into Nellis AFB, one gets the impression that the United States is preparing to defend its homeland from actual invasion.

Hint:  That may actually be the case.

Word in Intelligence circles says that if the Supreme Court voids any or all of the November 3 election due to the massive fraud and violations of the US Constitution with changes to election laws, the lawless extension of voting for weeks, in violation of 3 USC 1 & 2, the Democrats are planning on asking the United Nations to INVADE to depose Trump as a “Dictator.”   There is also word within Intelligence circles that the states of California, Oregon, and Washington, plus New York, might actually try to secede from the Union if Trump gets four more years,  and may need to be forcibly brought back under US control, the same way renegade southern states were handled back in the 1860’s Civil War.”  (HT Note: It would gladden my heart to see the US military bombing egomaniac Governor Andrew Cuomo and filthy Commie  NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio back into the Union . . . or to Kingdom come . . .)

China and Russia are deploying their naval assets in such a way that transit to the US would not take long!

China is positioning out in the Pacific.

Just this morning, the British revealed they have been tracking “the entire Russian Northern Fleet” off the British Coast this month, as the Russians head out into the North Atlantic for . . . . something.  (Story HERE)

One possibility is they are heading toward the Mediterranean to deal with Syria and perhaps Turkey.  But what if they’re **NOT** going into the Mediterranean?  What if they’re positioning out in the Atlantic to arrive as “requested” along the US East Coast?

It sounds corny, but we won’t know until we know and that will be a few days.

Stay tuned folks.   We’re seeing history unfolding.

As a precaution, we remind you that your firearms need cleaning and oiling; especially if you haven’t used them in awhile.  They collect dust, develop surface rust in the barrel.  Now might be a good time to take them out, clean them, oil them, and make sure they are in pristine condition.   Don’t want any jamming or misfires if we suddenly find ourselves having to shoot and kill invading foreign troops, invited here by Traitors . . . who would also have to be shot and killed.


Attorney Lin Wood, who is known to be working closely with President Trump concerning the theft of the November 3 Election by crooked Democrats, posted __this__ interesting item on his Twitter feed.  Related???



Might Lin Wood know something thanks to his work with our President?



It seems that China has been snapping-up every Barrel of Oil it can get its hands on; far in excess of what it normally consumes.  Storing-up because they intend to wage war, perhaps?

Story Here


      • LOL! Hey Richard,
        They are 30-round MAGAZINES, not “clips”. God help us if you’re part of our first-line defense. Hopefully you targeting and shooting skills are better than your knowledge of firearms.

        Furthermore, this whole story wreaks of the classic “conspiracy theory”. How ‘n the hell would 50,000 ChiCom soldiers get into the US anyway, particularly without ANYONE noticing? C’mon MAN! [in my best crazy uncle Joe voice].

        • In through Canada obviously.
          Trudeau is in bed with the CCP. You didn’t know that Canada is crawling with Chinese troops?

          • We are have already cleaned our guns here in Canada, right b4 the USA fake election. Waiting for next well calculated steps from Trump & use of EBS for military tribunals…praying we see that day soon. Til then my I’ll be getting a quick schooling on firearms inspection,safety & discharge.

          • Yes but i believe ccp isnt working against us but actually helping us but the usa government dont want to listen.
            If they wanted to invade you.. They would have already.. This is only happening for a reason. The end game is far greater than regular citizen think it could be

          • The canada is with china and united nation commonwealth we need to control this before it gets ugly. Let big tech have the power we must save the planet from invasion and from ourselves

        • There are hidden military bases that would be easy for Democrats to allow them to fly into under cover of friendlies

        • There were credible sources reporting that CCP troops were in Canada for a “training exercise” in late Nov into Dec. I’m sure that has all been “debunked” by “fact-checkers” and then promptly flushed down the memory hole. Believe what you want to believe I suppose. I know what I heard just yesterday. Fighter jets hitting the afterburners in my area never happens. I mean never. And, I know what it sounds like. Increased activity of military choppers in my area…extremely rare…especially in late Dec.

          I hope this is a “conspiracy theory”, I really do. But, I have also read (from Lynn Wood) that the CCP has been buying up American farm land for their food. I’m sure DJT isn’t going to let that happen. They’re probably here to take it by force…they won’t succeed.

          • They were invited in by trudeau training in vancouver island b.c.look it up i got a video of them training with canadian forces i posted it on fb five minutes later it was gone they are in canada hundreds thousand along border

          • IT IS VERY TRUE THEY WERE READY TO COME IN UNDER Biden as fake peace keepers to dis arm us , also yes on farm land, they sure have been.I know of people like in-laws they were offering double the value

          • The chinese have been buying up land in oklahoma and texas next door to our military bases in both areas.This is a truth well known by all locals we also have a taliban training base in talihina okla for many years which the fbi checks on every 3o days been there for 2o years they have them all over the usa, our own government helps them. Wake the hell up!!!!!!

        • They were invited in by trudeau training in vancouver island b.c.look it up i got a video of them training with canadian forces i posted it on fb five minutes later it was gone they are in canada hundreds thousand along border

          • Trudeau passed a law that gave China the right to bring in as many troops and personnel as they wanted, without the Canadian government having to vet or account for their presence. China has much of the properties along the Vancouver area coasts which they claimed needed “personnel to guard them” when they started bringing in the troops.

        • sorry to say, The story is true.dec 8th an f16 fighter jet,armed with bombs was scambled from Truax military base in madison wi. Peaople from the Robbinson main area reported chinese solders coming from ships armed on to u.s soil. the fighter jet was shot down and the police were ordered to keep people 4,000 ft away. 12 hours later a 3.0 earthquake was reported, which was causes by a 30,000 bunker buster bomb as reported that took out up to 50,000 troops deep under ground, invited by Canada. they covered up the story real fast.

          • This is all total bull!!! No dead chines, no 80 mile deep, so called dumbs, need oxygen and air conditioning out the Wazoo!!! 80 miles deep bull !! Demons? Really? these people are worse then the Left!!

        • I’m 72, so been hunting for 60 years and in Minnesota we always called magazines “clips”. Don’t call patriots idiots because of nomenclature.

          • You are correct to state this, Dana. In the southern states of the USA, a carbonated beverages is called “soda;” in the northern states it is called “pop.” Whatever you call it, it is a carbonated beverage!!

        • Marfooglenews.com he was talking about it either just before or during Trumps reign! Just imagine what hed have done if he didnt have so many nasty little demons biting and cursing around his ankles preventing him from doing his job! He’d have had the wall up thats for sure! If its true about whats happening about executions then nance & co must be getting desperate! (Like Hilary, They wont go peacefully!) This justice taking place sounds all too good to be true!

        • Look on face book u can find post of canadians moved off their land by the un pay attention Brothers

        • If I remember correctly, in 2016 Obama (Bin Laden) set up the very first national marine monument by closing off 5,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of New England to “protect” underwater canyons and mountains. This is probably how the little bastards got inside our country. They probably stayed in D.U.M.B.s

    • Folks, stop the deciduous stories. How is China going to invade or even sustain an invasion with no carriers. They have one functional carrier. One is in dry dock & another just started being built. You need air assets to sustain any invasion. Even their long range bombers would get plucked from the sky before hitting their rendezvous points. Their navy consists of transports & gun wagons. They would get decimated in any open “blue” water run out at deep sea. Troops in Canada? Maybe, but again w/o support they’d get slaughtered. “Well, what if they’re SOF troops muh?” Well, if so they lost their greatest weapon. Surprise because apparently we know they’re there.

      Their submarines are what we should be worried about with nuke & EMP payloads. They have cranked out subs like sausages over the past several decades.Good Lord, think people before making wild ass guesses & not even knowing basic mil strategy!

      • Are you kidding.. Trudeau let them in under the cover..To Practice in Cold Weather.. there’s info in lots of places, however, msm is suppressing alot of it.

        • I read the other day they were kicked out. Canada and Mexico had made a deal to let them in and also would help china for a split of the land & but then changed their mind and China was pizzed off. Pretty reliable info I get from that source so I hope it’s accurate. This was just a few days ago.

      • Madam, if it is true that 50,000 Chinese troops were killed in Maine, you would have to consider they came across Canada’s border with us. Plus if no A/C were heard, they could have been taken out with Cruise Missiles and other devices. It has been reported by several Patriots in Canada that China has already moved many Chinese troops inside their border, not to mention the thousands of deep operatives both in Canada and The US. The best advice I can give is to believe what you want, but make sure you and your family are right with JESUS CHRIST and make sure your weapons and ammo are handy! I hope if all is well I would like to wish you and your family a very Merry CHRISTmas and a safe and wonderful New Year! Take care and GOD bless!

        • Did you know in Texas the Chinese have a hugh land that they bought up with armed guards stationed at electrical gate, fencing all around the property and massive buildings on property like to hold a whole army so they may already be here in the States

        • Totally etc response..Am really isolated here in Calgary..it sux to be injured..am recuperating slowly..been in love with Q& America since forever..all I can add is..the Chinese I know. here are#1-in awe of Mao etc..OR BETTER yet..#2-GLAD to be free of Mao’s communism.

        • The companies installing, maintaining and operating most if not all the “green deal” type energy farms and installations in the US have young, fit, army aged and trained men posted here in the US that are supposedly “trained workers” but reside here under cover as to their real purpose, awaiting future activation.

      • Maybe that’s why they need the Russian fleet, which can easily match what the US has. Chinese men(cannon fodder) and Russian equipment…..scary thought, making me hope I’m dead wrong….

        • easily matched?!?! USA has an insane army. Correct me if im wrong but USA has like 70% of the worlds militairy budget. Next to that like 100 million civilians with arms from which a lot are veterans. The most advanced weapons and xperience. What wars has China been fighting?

          Next to that USA is Energy independant and still has the reserve currency. And what do you think EU will do being so anti Russia? 50.000 soldiers blown up what a bullshit story, did they line up like in these parades pfffffffffff. It is interesting to see troop movements and ships in position. But seeing the fraud and outside interference not so strange.

          • Suppossedly the troops were in underground bunker or cave and they sent a missle etc in there and told the puble it was a 3 .0 earthquake.anyway that was the story. ????

          • The underground deep tunnel system has been built not only in the US but worldwide. Check out some of the intel websites that have published much information about those, such as Juan O Savin, Gene Decode, and Michael Jaco, as well as many others. Drilling the underground DUMBs and tunnels has been chronicled by truck drivers having special clearances to be able to drive them and service the bases hidden there. Thay have special tunneling machines now that can dig right through rock, leaving a glass like tube where the maglift lines are installed. Check out:MEGASIZE Tunnel Boring Machines, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08Rkyi46utE

        • In order for the Russians to attack east coast USA, they will have to invade and take the north of Norway first. If they leave Murmansk with their fleet, they will expose themselves too soon and will be attacked by US forces before even reaching the Atlantic ocean. The subs they had is rotting on the shores of Murmansk and Nowaja Semlja, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. The Russian submarine fleet have been drastically reduced since the end of the cold war. They still have a fleet, both subs and carriers, but they need to be upgraded in order to reach the coast of the USA. The Chinese troops are not fit for fight at all, but if foreign military train them up they will become a bad ass military ground force! Truth to be told, Chinese troops have not been caught in Maine, or even deployed in Maine. How would they be able to get across from Canada undetected? Have they been digging tunnels by hand in the bedrock? This is just a new version of the “War of the worlds” from the 1930’s! This is how conspiracy theories emerges from a twisted mind that people are wasting time listening to. Hal is just making a fiction story from an ordinary earthquake. Typical conspiracy way of make believe stories.
          Dark outpost is a conspiracy theory website, nothing more, nothing less!

        • Let’s not forget Russia has saved our ass 3 times from invasion. Russia doesn’t want communism back in their country. Think about how many millions lost lives in communist Russia.

      • Was the Virus Military Strategy? They started invading America about 20 yrs ago, with basic Military strategy. America was asleep

      • Chineese Troops are reported as being already report massed in Mexico and Canada both in preparation of an imminent invasion.

        • They have alligned with the cartels in Mexico, our boarder agents have caught shipments of ChiCom grenade launchers, along with Drop in mechanisims to convert AK47 and AR15 to full automatic. This is in California Sheriffs Dept and prosecuters are trying to stop new district Attorney from releasing convicted felons charged with attempted Murder and convictions for Murder. From prisons throughout California. They say because of COVID-19, We say give them vacine keep them in prison. When things don’t seem right they usually are not.

      • It would take weeks for an invasion force big enough to invade . Plus 5,000 miles accross the Pacific to sustain it.
        Not realistic. A force of 1 million minimum would be required with another 500,000 in reserve.


      • Maybe so. But don’t miscalculate Canada. The shitty PM has had Chinese army training on Canadian soil. Story broke headlines around the world a few days ago

      • They have been allowed in to Canada for years using Cargo ships into Vancouver. This has been happening since 2015 and has gotten worse since

      • Actually One EMP would take out all electronics in the Northern Hemisphere ! We would not be able to communicate with each other and there would be kaios everywhere ! We’d be killing ourselves faster than invading armies from both countries (China or Russia) ! They could invade from all sides and take over easily ! Texas will hold its ground and be the last taken !



      • One it is called prepositioned equipment, two if are in a treaty with Russia you do not need your AC you ask your alley for the help, third have friends who would be willing to sell out their country.

      • Kristen is on point:

        They have one soviet era tanker which was converted to carry aircraft- it is actually a diesel ……. their first nuclear isn’t due until 2024……..

        There will never be a successful invasion as Americans have 2A- and a shit ton of ammo- Seattle, Portland, SF, Boston……. maybe …… but hell they could just fly in on Unitied and buy a couple of buildings…..

      • They don’t have to be here long enough for a sustained engagement. It can be enough to disable communications or destroy energy supply platforms. Steal information on assets, kidnap officials or military personnel and then slip back to Canada. Remember he who dares wins!!! All warfare is deception. Build the largest NAVY in the world and then attack by land. Don’t think for a second it can’t happen.

      • Exactly, this story has been put out by ultra right extremists to drive up action against the left. While I am a Trump supporter and a long time conservative, gun owner, Constitutionalist, I don’t condone nor fall for such outlandish stories. Vancouver BC has Stanley Park where there were supposedly Chinese troops housed (also false). China couldn’t afford a war, they are positioning themselves to take Taiwan with the go-ahead from Biden who will invade N. Korea. And while this may seem like a conspiracy, Trudeau (Fidel the younger) is going for a gun grab by Christmas with the aide of an event to shock and outrage Canadians who will shout for a gun confiscation.

      • In my humble opinion; as an ex-military, I’ve been following this military operation, and couldn’t help but remember how the CCP has no regards for human life. They want all the land that they can steal and invade, so they can grow food, extract resources etc… That’s all I have to say.

      • Agree patriot Also the Russians? Really? They hate China as much as we do–and would not team up with them against us. Anyone check for dumbs in the area wit the “quake?”

        • Yes, there is, the DUMB is exactly where the earth quake was reported, except it was a MOAB that busted the DUMB that was housing the 50,000 chinese troops, two other bombs were used to close the entry and exit tunnels prior to the MOAB being used.

      • EMP is what we should worry about especially from the satellites. But we have already been under attack for a long time in Spies and Cyber attacks. Our company was invaded before I retired. We had to hire a special team of IT experts to route out and change our security to avoid further attacks. I am positive our government and military have also been Cyber invaded. Anything connected to the Net is vulnerable. Even closed links with USB or other transfer methods, because there are so many Chinese spies deployed and embedded.

      • And you ma’am should do your homework! The fact that china has had troops down south working with the cartels for a decade or so. And and that china now has THE LARGEST MILITARY ON THE PLANT,and the fact that they have almost half the world’s population in one country…and so on. You are in fact the very reason WE THE PEOPLE are in this position KAREN. WAKE UP SHEEPLE ITS HAPPENING.

      • Actually I’ve heard several stories well before this one that there are upwards of 75k Chinese troops in Canada and 10s of thousands in Mexico. They’ve been lying in wait for some time.

      • As you stated, the subs can be nuclear equipped and launch EMP attacks that are impossible to stop given their closeness to the US border. With the EMP wiping out the US electrical grid, and any tools, machines, vehicles etc that rely on computers to function (ie ALL mechanized tools these days) it would be a far different story should the Chinese invade. Or, the EMP attack on the USA could be a deterrent to the USA coming to the aid of Taiwan as the Communists try to re-unite the island to their dictatorship. Just look how brazenly they have subjugated Hong Kong!

      • Seeing how the communist, globalist Trudeau singed a treaty to allow CCP military in Canada it’s safe to say they have air assets at Canadian air based

      • If everything on this site is true.. Its not about the invasion of china to usa but to stop donald from inviting the aliens. Let china develop the technology. And russia do the strategic moves

        • N ow BOB that the funniest thing on this page Trump is great but don’t think he can invent aliens

      • They are there i got video proof of. Them jogging in ccp uniforms through b.c.vancover island all way across namerian border..now f 16 shot down in michigan use your head

      • Are you that simple go watch fox i got proof of the fucking chinese. By the 10s of thousands joggin in vancouverisland b.c. canada right above where this happend i got proof video live

      • Hi Kristen, Chi-Com could send up an EMP nuke and there goes our air superiority, in a flash. What they have is an advantage in physical troops. And if they are next door while the U.S. is dealing with after-effects of our power grid being down and not all of military equipment is EMP proof. This is our Achilles heal and they know it. Our military would struggle mightily from an armed incursion from the North. It would takes months for the transformers that make up the many parts of our power grid – months! The industry does not have extra very large high voltage transformers sitting on a shelf. I know this from experience.

    • Just very odd , just heard on uk sky news , that UK vessels were deployed to their coast to protect their fishing vessels , incase of trouble after the Brexit talk failures , very fishy story indeed , not to mention Russian navy just sailed through the english channel within the week .

      • yup they were escorted through channel, but more alarminly is the amount of airspace incursions and dry runs the Russians are increasingly invading western airspace just to see what our scrambling times are and protocols to check for any weaknesses, but we have been doing the same to them for years in Russian border satellite states, bio warfare is the real scary one if they get GRU members to detonate novichok bio weapons in strategic places

    • Once you are done in the US and gotten rid of big media, deep state, big tech and all those spies for the ccp of China please ask Trump to send 100 marines, offshore fire power, some drones and the necessary military intel to Holland where I’ll take over the country in the name of God, next Germany and then the rest of Europe.. Praise The Lord!

    • Looks like the CCP got their man and whore into power so why wouldn’t they want to invade?

    • I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen but some of you guys on here are fucking hilarious..I’m trying to get to the bottom of all this shit to…. I’ve mentioned this stuff before to some people and they just roll there eyes and look away. I imagine i look like some fucking idiot. Lol. none of this is funny I know but the things people say is ridiculous. Someone help us out here

    • There were 50,000 Chinese troops at the Canadian border in the DUMBS…READY TO INVADE PERHAPS THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT..

  1. This shit is hilarious. Love it! My aunt sent me a text of this story freaking out asking if I “heard” about this hahaha. I was like…you’ve got to be kidding me. Lol. This reminds me of that website the Onion.

  2. First step should be to embargo China. See if they can turn rice into diesel, gasoline and motor oil.

    • Hahaha this is all bs a bunker buster bomb really guy where is the crater ? I live in maine if there was 50k troops making land fall mang would have been deployed quick the fuck is wrong with you spreading shit like this

      • Did you not see where there was one military plane shot down.. in Michigan, they can’t find the pilot.. another in Maine. They’re hiding in Canada where Trudeau invited them under the guise of “To Help Train In Cold Weather.”

      • Yes, the cover story is easily found. And they say 2 small quakes happened on the border of Canada and Maine. Which is exactly where they are claiming this happened

        • ok you guys wait before any one calls bullahit on anything..just think about it for a min.. this chinese virus is considered an act of war isnt it?? idk but it is exaggerated if you ask me.. idk regardless if this is true or not the stand out signs to me are to many people reporting the same thing.. and Google everything obviously being censored and all of that crap.. these arent really things we want to see but they clearly are being reported.. so just prepare for changes or fight or flight situations.. even if your family things your insane.. fuck it it is usually those people that sound insane and completely batshit crazy that are right to some extent in the end..who knows but things dont look good that’s for sure.

      • Did you not feel the ground shudder in Maine ?
        Others there have said they thought it was an earthquake of about a 3.2 on the scale !
        That was supposed to have been the Chinese bunker blast !

      • Geeeesssshhhhh! Don’t you know how to read! The bunker was waaaayyyyy deep under ground. Stephen King showed them the way through the sewers of Derry

    • This is all total bull shit!!! No dead chinks, no 80 mile so called dumbs, need oxygen and air conditioning out the Wazoo!!! 80 miles deep bull shit!! Demons, these people are worse then the Left!!l

    • Смешные, вы, американцы. Нахрен вы России не нужны.

      • Я не думаю, что Путин или русские хотят быть захваченными глобалистами больше, чем мы, американцы. а глобалисты хотят одного мирового правительства. так что посмотрим.

      • Awww i dont know what youre saying but you got a gorgeous widdle face Doggie Bulldog!!! 💞

    • Yes AMEN and he is this is ALL UNFOLDING and if its not all exact it should put us back in GOD’S GRACE. I PLEAD THE PRECIOUS BLOOD ON ALL WHO BELIEVES IN HIM.

  3. I live on the Maine – New Brunswick border.

    This is BS.

    Earthquakes happen all of the time here.

    • I was trying to figure out where they would put 50K troops with out the eagle eyed citizens Maine not seeing them… that’s way more than would fit in the corner laundromat. I’ve seen 10K troops – that is a butt load of people and machines. Besides, wouldn’t you guys just sick Stephen King on them and drive them insane (or translate some of his scariest stuff and freak them out? )

      • They were in underground bunkers.. there’s a radio show where an ex cia guy that still has connections was telling about it. It’s all over the internet..

      • Surely you’ve heard of DUMBs….hundreds of thousands of miles of them (Deep Underground Military Bases) that tax payers in Canada and USA have been paying for for years. UN has its own force, also paid for by Canada and USA.

        It would be a great discussion if people did a little research first, to bring them up to speed on the facts.

      • The were in a D.U.M.B. deep underground military base. They supposedly knew where they were and retaliated for the plane loss with a bunker buster bomb in the DUMB

    • Yes it has been the military rescuing the trafficked children & blowing the tunnels up when cleared. Worldwide! 2 million saved sincr Covid started. It was never a disease but a commin cold. Pandemic set up by Dems. So Trymo started raiding the 250 tunnels in US & hundreds abroad. How do you think drigs, arms & humans are trafficked? In the tunnels. There are cities below our feet all hidden from us for decades.

      • Military has been training D.U.M.Bs warfare.
        Deep Underground Military Base
        Supposedly the bunker buster was dropped on one.

    • Exactly. Can you imagine 50,000 extra people suddenly in Washington County, where there are only 20,000 folks, and no one notices? I know the area, too–any boat bigger than a lobster boat gets attention, because there’s nothing else going on and people are curious.

      • This is the best one in years.Problem is you have to feed 50,000 people the flaw in plan is not enough Chinese resturaunts localy with basements to hide and feed them.
        This also reminds me of a UK Russian vodka advert, 30 years ago where lots of Russian spies dressed as Englishmen in city suits and bowler hats carrying umbrellas were asking people which way to English factory making better vodka. Might be noticeable in small village, as Chinese in full battle dress. Same principal.

      • If the fight was underground, why would you see troops above??
        There are tunnels throughout the country that have been used for transporting illegal trafficking, but are now being seized by the military.

      • They are not operating above ground…they are in DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) Please, for your own sake, do your research.

  4. If this is true; wouldn’t the president have a call to arms to all the militias, patriots and the veterans ? I’d would love to receive your emails on truthful news.

  5. The Supreme Court has blindfolds on and does not see anything other than the law. If they let this influence them and do nothing we get China anyway. So it is time for a showdown and call the bluff. Also, the best defense is an offense. Knock out all China’s dams and water storage facilities and move to place large holes on major runways. All this can be done from a distance.

    • I totally agree. Not sure what country we are living with all of this corruption which has infiltrated the core of our society. If Biden and Harris get in, we are screwed. Our only shining light is the one Trump is shining.

      • Nope, the ONLY light we can depend on is that from JESUS CHRIST. Never put your faith and trust in a man, but rather put your faith and trust in the Lord God Almighty.

        • Totally agree!!! Jesus is the only answer!! To Him be the glory! But I still get caught up in the worldly crapolla!!! I find myself leaning in this conservative craze and following the maniacs. God forgive me!


    • I’m glad our fate as a country aren’t in people like you! If you think these threats aren’t real i’d suggest pulling your head out of you rectum.

      • Yup this is true! People are not goimg to be expecting this. Completely take people by surprise. Not even Q anon followers will know the magnitude.. Its going to get hot

    • Communists haven’t spend a century infiltrating to take us from within to at the last moment have their own countries turned into a smoldering wasteland. They know the president would deploy our nuclear deterrent if an actual attack on the homeland were at hand.

      • The tunnels are so deep and wide. Military has been training to fight underground for several years . This is open news. Yes there has been abundance of military activity. Yes trafficking is one part of underground tunnels. I didn’t believe clones existed but CIA involved. Notice all the changes Trump has made with military and Intel briefings. Whatever is happening, like the confiscation of servers in Germany from CIA, military folks saying we’re at war. There are maps of the tunnels. Globalists Marxism and Central Banks and technocrats. France and China announced their transhuman military. We’ll wait and see.

        • They have alligned with the cartels in Mexico, our boarder agents have caught shipments of ChiCom grenade launchers, along with Drop in mechanisims to convert AK47 and AR15 to full automatic. This is in California Sheriffs Dept and prosecuters are trying to stop new district Attorney from releasing convicted felons charged with attempted Murder and convictions for Murder. From prisons throughout California. They say because of COVID-19, We say give them vacine keep them in prison. When things don’t seem right they usually are not.

      • Not if he’s out of office… Biden is a Chinese asset. He won’t do anything to China. He’ll hand the US over on a silver platter. Why do you think he and Harris had to win at all costs?

      • No real chance at all. Won’t you feel stupid when Biden takes office and Nothing serious (except, hopefully, the arrest of DJT and family) happens.

      • You really think that is this was true Trump would be sitting at the football game today?China’s sending troops over the border and Russia China navy close to US coast. Yeah lets go to a football game.

        • Like Bush was deliberately in Florida when the twin towers were taken down? Plausible deniability of any action.

    • If it were in times of Pearl Harbor you would be saying the same ………..maybe just maybe it is the perfect excuse for Marital law.

    • Yes and no. I’d it true to the core. I don’t know every story has some elaboration to it but this is what I do know , Canada’s prime minister is totally in sync with the Chinese regime.. that is no secret that this PM admires the Chinese dictatorship and it is well known that he does not like the US with Canada already allowing so much infiltration honestly it doesn’t seem to far fetched anymore. #fellowcanadian #livingunderdictatorship

  6. You know what strikes me now. I was 10 years old when JFKennedy was murdered. I had no political knowhow at all, my parents didn’t tell me anything ( it was the early sixties) they had no idea either. The night after the murder I woke-up after a very disturbing dream. I felt very sad because I knew a very important person had died ( I never heard from JFK before) and I had seen that we should fear China. They would come to take the world. I felt very upset that day and I never forgot how I felt. Now I think I had a preview of these days,

      • Well youre correct!!
        Honestly this has been planned for.
        Alot will go down but weve also got alot of protection. Amazing weaponry and a surprise at the end..

    • Oh wow how prophetic. It was a vision of how these times could be. I still don’t think my friends who voted how the did,understand what they’ve done

    • ? Good memory Tamarinde, had a similar when going thru that period in history, thanks for reminding me

    • Its ironic you mentioned your dream..I had a dream in 2007 that Chinese military were marching in TX. I dreamt that the streets, malls and highways looked desolate and nobody was driving cars or out. Only saw Chinese marching together and they saw a big church by freeway with a huge supernatural light on top of it..and they marched away from it. I always wondered about that dream and now Im reading that CCP owns some of our government ppl and China also purchased 130k acres in China. They also have a Toyota plant in TX. Something is up.

      • You can keep an eye on the Epoch Times for truthful news to, I got the chance to travel a few weeks ago across the U.S with a few of their reporters for a documentary on the election fraud, and while I was filming I had to say that I was dumb founded at the in-depth effort the reporters had to get to the truth in each interview, I haven’t seen that type of journalism for many years, and it was inspiring, the editors didn’t sleep much for a couple of weeks trying to get the video ready for release at this important moment.

        China Uncensored with Chris Chapel is also pretty up to date on China and the CCP’s movements. Chris can quickly inform you about how the CCP has infiltrated America. Unfortunately it’s much worse than many Americans may be aware of. You can take a look at Pompeo’s speech at the universities to get a quick glance of the issues the U.S educational facilities are facing with CCP funding, buyouts and the likes of the Confucius Institutes which are disguised as Chinese teaching centers but are essential spy operations designed to chance public opinion on China and get access to Americans.

        I’ve only been following the CCPs infiltration since 2006 and don’t class myself as an expert, but I guarantee you they are serious about taking America out, it’s no joke, this has been underway for many decades now.

        As for the validity of this story of Chinese troops, there are DUMB tunnels underground, I’ve seen many videos of them on YouTube with Truck drivers doing food deliveries and filming with their iPhones.

        If this news of Chinese troops being bombed in Maine was made public it would cause so much un-rest among the people at a time of stress in the elections. I’ve been to the recent Trump rallies and the Patriots are already talking about civil war, the last one had an even stronger energy than the previous and the next one would be bigger again, I hope it doesn’t get to civil war among Americans as many innocent lives get lost in the process.

        However we are already at war with the CCP and have been for a long time, it’s just that now more are joining and awaking to the thread.

        Trump won the election in a landslide for sure, but what news gets out also needs to be moderated, not everything that happens can be reported by fake news or even the truthful outlets, sometimes that’s for brainwashing or the peoples best interest and also needed in military strategy.

        Personally I would say that if this news is true, it may not be so suitable to report it right now, but on these types of discussion groups is fine to discuss about it, as if it’s made public it would divide us to much as Americans before the election process is done.

        Sorry for the long thread, but I do care about you all and read all your comments, and thoughts on this story, lastly though it’s important to get clear about the real thread of the CCP.

        God Bless you all and may we Make America Great Again!

    • No they won’t be reporting this, MSM is owned and operated by the far-left.. PERIOD…. they want you asleep at the wheel..unprepared! PREPARE AMERICA….. Better to be safe than sorry!

      • MSM is all comparatively right wing. It’s only leftist in the fever dreams of RWNJs and white evangelical Christians. They call it leftwing because MSM isn’t racist right-wing enough for their taste.

        • Who do you think you’re fooling? your pet tarantula? Inverting all values into their opposites up to reality itself is the MO of Communist propaganda (and the Satanism underlying it). It works if it disorients the weak-minded, but it also works on those who see through you, if your chortling, brazen lie as exact opposite of the truth maddens them to fury.

          May the Ancient of Days say to you at the Judgment: “Depart from me, ye cursed, into eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels.”

          The best disinfectant of vermin like you in this life is not anger but reality.

          The MSM is right-wing compared to what? Even billionaire-funded Lenin and Trotsky weren’t to the left of your ilk on billionaire teevee. You evaded committing yourself to anyone specific because the inversion of reality can’t co-exist with the slightest whiff of reality itself. If you breathe a word of truth that your lies might be compared to, the spell is broken in that instant.

          Your racist hatred of whites disqualifies you to complain about anyone’s racism, even if white evangelicals WERE racist, which all can plainly see they are not. It doesn’t matter if you are white. Quisling was a Norwegian who helped Hitler invade Norway, and his name is now synonymous with treason. He was an honorable man comapred to YOU. You slime have been around since the world began.

          Don’t you dare accuse innocent people of everything you’re guilty of. The Satanic inversion has already been exposed. It maybe worked for a season years ago, but the Availing Time has come to an abrupt end. You and your fallen Father have great wrath indeed because you both know you’re time is short.

          • Spot on
            Right will be wrong and
            Wrong will be right.
            If we are not in the end
            times it certainly is as
            CLOSE as it ever has been.

      • The MSM believe they will be treated so kindly when and if an invasion takes place. Not that I see the future, but I’m pretty sure the communists have no need for American media – of any type, and will line up and execute them after they have conquered us.

        • Exactly…all those that think they are working towards a “greater future” with communism will be the first ones purged. Including all the lefty university professors waxing nostalgic for Mao and Uncle Joe Stalin.

    • man if you don’t know by now the news media lies to you every day there really is no hope for you

      • Chinese Sociologist Dr. Li Yi: We Are Driving America to Its Death; COVID-19 Has Been Beneficial for China, North Korea; There Will Be No U.S.-China War, But We Will Take Over Taiwan

    • Our fake news? How long has Hunter Biden’s lap top been hidden?
      I hope this is not true either. Unfortunately, our mass media is extremely bias and hasn’t been reporting the truth for a very long time.

      • Not quite as long as Trumps taxes.
        But remember Trump said “only losers pay taxes” So I guess Biden is a winner

      • Did you know in Texas the Chinese have a hugh land that they bought up with armed guards stationed at electrical gate, fencing all around the property and massive buildings on property like to hold a whole army so they may already be here in the States

    • It appears SOME NEWS OUTLET is reporting, just not mainstream media who also have failed to report a lot of very relevant issues of late, every one of which could have been damaging to key Democrats, or vindicating of allegations against Republicans. Some news outlets have reported, with evidence of voter fraud,, but never in mainstream media. I go in with an open mind awaiting irrefutable confirmation, however I would now NEVER believe main stream media reporting.

  7. We need to take out Obama, the clintons and Biden. The democrats are destroying everything. Its time to clean this shit up. Let’s not forget about the witch (Pelosi) and her nephew (Newsome). The fucking democrats are sore losers and this is how they respond?!!!!!! What a bunch of pussies!!!!!!. They are stealing this election because they knew they were going to lose and this covid 19 which we know isn’t a threat anymore but the democrats want is to believe that its picking back up so they can control us. Many of us who served to have our freedom including me will not bend to this bullshit. What has happened to this world and what have we created for our kids and families have these human beings lost their minds to think they are doing good ?????!!!!!!!!! Fuck these people for trying to take my freedom away.

    • As a Veteran and Father, I’m with you! Over my dead fucking body will I let a bunch of communist take this from us! Locked & Loaded in Michigan!

    • You are absolutely right! I know for damn sure I won’t bend a knee for anyone, but the Lord my God! I am beyond sick of the incompetent DEMOCRAT’s/RINO’S trying to destroy our nation! There are millions upon millions ready to take up this fight against Tyranny and I say we start cleaning out the SWAMP because These rates are multiplying like cockroaches and we just need to turn on the lights and start stomping until none are left standing.

    • Amen Mark! We agree thousand percent with you and your post. My husband and you sound exactly the same! Newscum destroying Commiefornia.

      • Amen Mark! We agree thousand percent with you and your post. My husband and you sound exactly the same! Newscum destroying Commiefornia.

        • Yes thats right Gina!
          California is screwed. Nobody has guns or artiliary. Were gonna sink quick

    • Not the MSM they are crap. I called my local News station out here in Seattle/Tacoma.Then I asked them why they dont say anything positive about our POTUS and the voter fraud. They BLEW ME OFF and HUNG UP

    • I agree with you 100 percent. The DEMONCRATS are purposely destroying America with every avenue of attack they have at their disposal including our own allies and foreign enemies. We must turn our energies as patriotic citizens to fight for the sovereignty and freedom that we currently have as American citizens. Anyone not on our side should be removed from American soil

    • Do you realise that you’re a walking caricature of how we (the rest of the world) view America. Angry, semi-literate and poorly educated, limited worldview and a poor limited brain susceptible to conspiracy theories and misinformation. Poor little man. We are laughing at you. Your days are numbered. The people have spoken and Donald Trump is fired.

      • Sorry dude you think your intelligent. But the CIA has been feeding you….. Youll aoon find out how right we are… Whem the bombs drop just remember whos intelligent

      • Foreigners are much more deceived than leftists in America, if you can believe it. But, of course, they listen pretty much only to CNN, BBC, The Guardian, etc. The worst. And they think they’re getting reality. Now that’s funny!

    • That would mean that hospitals are murdering people that ordinarily walk in with other symptoms but fake a Covid test and claim them as Covid-19 to get paid the $33000 per patient they get paid by Gvt to treat them. Nd bcs they shove a pipe down their throats and don’t allow family in to defend it…they are murdering them. Simple like that. STOP THE GVT PAYMENT AND COVID-19 ENDS.

    • Man I am with you 1000% Fuck these assholes! It’s time to clean this mess up ourselves

    • I believe it is being done even as we speak.The truth of it will come out early next year. We are almost there.
      Rest easy

  8. not one single shred of evidence or anything , show even 1 dead chinese soldier on american soil…..

    this is all misleading… “david”

  9. Ya going to need more evidence for this attack dude! Pictures of fighting, dead bodies, damage, actual combat equipment and troops in route. Something other than a old burnt out hippy type guy talking to a cell phone! I am a vet and second hand rumors of wars don’t pass the smell test.

  10. Thk u!! I did hear the radio show. My friend in Canada sent it to me. Pls. Everyone remember, it’s not the Canadian ppl. Against us…..its their PM…prime minister Treudou!! He invited the Chinese to come and train there!!! Canadians want him OUT OF OFFICE!!! Please remember that!!! The ppl are just as infuriated as we are!!!… also on a separate issue….consider using Duck Duck Go. Instead of google!!! Duck duck go NEVER tracks u!! And pray!!!

  11. The news networks are owned by china thats why they are not reporting it and I tried to share on social media they shut down all my accounts

  12. It’s a silent war for a reason, Everyone is impatient for marshal law/insurrection but just because POTUS isn’t telling us doesn’t mean he’s not cleaning up as much as possible before the war hits main street. You can’t put the Jeanie back in the bottle so I’m sure it’s buying us more time to secretly clean up the demons before the rest of them start their chaos.. SCOTUS will need to rule before Monday so I’m sure we will know something soon. GOD BLESS AMERICA & PRESIDENT TRUMP & THE US MILITARY.


  14. This is pure bull shit ! Why in the hell would you publish such lies… You are not helping the cause… Stop this crap NOW!

  15. One of my old squad leaders in Iraq is now the Assistant to the Sergeant Major of the Army at the Pentagon and informed me that this is FAKE NEWS… But who knows, if if were tru, he couldn’t tell me anyways… OPSEC.

  16. There will be battles, blackouts, riots, earthquakes and floods. Don’t take the vax containing Gates’ Hell control, mRNA making you a chimera. Your body is the temple. If you take the Beastmark you can’t go to Heaven. See Session 7 Lancaster Prophecy Conference

    • Sorry dude you think your intelligent. But the CIA has been feeding you….. Youll aoon find out how right we are… Whem the bombs drop just remember whos intelligent

  17. I was coming back from an appointment about 40 miles north of Bangor and the disc jockey on the radio said their was a 3.1 earthquake in northern Maine near the Canadian border. I didn’t believe any of it.

  18. Welcome to Trumptard land or alternate reality if you like…Those conspies are getting funnier and funnier everyday!

    • Sorry dude you think your intelligent. But the CIA has been feeding you….. Youll soon find out how right we are… Whem the bombs drop just remember whos intelligent.

  19. What a load of crap this is! Talk about fake news. This is a very dangerous incitement to the people of the USA. Please stop posting this crap!

    • I agree, I seen this on TickTock. Took me about 10 min and it is thoroughly heresy and NOTHING substantial. I totally believe 9-11 was an inside job, titanic got us into the Federal Reserve.. Yotta yotta. I can elaborate my logic convincingly. The Minister in Canada passed a bill in 2019 to allow Chinese troops to train in Canada. That’s why Im following leads. I’m not ruling this out 100% but it’s absurd to report this because there is absolutely no evidence which is negligent journalism.

    • You GO somewhere else, this is REAL TRUTHFUL People on here. We dont need you on here, if you are NOT for America, & to get rid of the Enemy Within.

  20. To those who doubt the legitimacy of this much like the news that there has been attacks between India and China (legitimate events) but yet it’s not widely known, this could also be the case.

  21. You were just shared with me by a friend. Thank you for keeping us informed. Please continue.
    Thanks and God Bless

  22. What if… just what if:
    – Traitor Trudeau invited Chinese troops to “train in winter conditions in Canada” (see https://www.rebelnews.com/the_china_files); this is official now
    – The last thing President Trump needs at this time are Chinese soldiers on North American soil
    – The patriots have exhausted all legal avenues for stopping the fall of the US into the hands of criminals (looks like the Supreme Court rejected “the Texas against Pennsylvania case”)
    – Maybe the location and numbers of people in this piece of information are not necessarily exact (by mistake of on purpose)
    – The only way the patriots are left with is military action against external and internal enemies (watch what happens in California)
    – In case this puzzle (inevitably incomplete) begins to make any sense, maybe you should rush to the store and buy some food and ammunition…

  23. I live in Vegas and the skies are quiet as a mouse! This whole article is a CROCK OF SHIT! More fear spreading PROPAGANDA NAZI LIES!

    • That’s good to hear that from someone in Vegas. I live bout 45 minutes from where this is supposed to have happened an it WAS an earthquake although it be small, i have friends that actually felt the rumble of the earth. No explosion of bunker busting bombs an no sight of ANY chinaman on either side of the border as i have friends on Canadian side as well. We do have all are weaponry cleaned oiled and ready as most rednecks do anyway! An this whole coffee shit has opened our eyes to build up our supply of ammo too? Bless you fellow Patriot an may God bless you an yours!!!

  24. This is complete LARP. Research what you read. This guys was from my home state. All birds have been grounded until investigation. Quit reading Turners trash!

  25. Just very odd , just heard on uk sky news , that UK Naval vessels were deployed to their coast to protect their fishing vessels , incase of trouble after the Brexit talk failures , very fishy story indeed , not to mention Russian navy just sailed through the english channel within the week .

  26. Fifty thousands Slopes dead in Maine? Must be true if FBI informant and click-bait author, Hal Turner, reported it on the Internet — with no evidence, as usual.

  27. 50.000 Chinks died: how do we know the number? I guess from the corpses, because somehow I I the CCP would send US a list of MIA.

    So where are these corpses?

    All pulverized, disintegrated, buried underground as a result of a the dread explosion? Alright…

    So where is the crater? I’d like to see some pics. And zid like to hear from any witnesses?

    I smell something funny here.

    No, it’s not Napalm

  28. No, no no, its true. Today is the 12th. America has been overrun. Every citizen is currently under house arrest. Chinese mafia and Russian kgb have taken control of DC and other strategic points of interest. All jobs will be suspended for a few weeks, then its labor camps and slave jobs for everyone. I’m sorry to report this NEWS! (propaganda) to the rest of the flat plane we live on. WWWWD? (what would william wallace do?)

  29. Ya know, perhaps it is all a crock. But that being said, the original article is well written, articulate, and obviously well crafted. The synopsis certainly outlines a legitimate possibility…….The report certainly falls in line with another Web Site’s live feeds of increased military activity in and around the Northwest US/Canadian borders….Actually, this present Corvid Situation, the Political Fraud, and general division amongst American Citizens all gravitate to such a Nightmare Scenario actually occurring…..Personally, I pray to God it is all a well fabricated fiction, yet some doubt does remain……To immediately assume that American would immediately retaliate with nuclear weapons is really kind of insane….What is possible is that the story is valid and the Government has imposed a total black out on the incidents……Mass chaos could only occur if such information was freely dispersed…As to the assumption that 50 plus thousand undocumented Chinese troops were secretly deposited in an underground bunker awaiting Armageddon…….All killed by a ‘Bunker-Buster’ bomb….. ……Actually, very possible. Especially with the current shortcomings of Homeland Security and undocumented people entering the country…..One must also weigh in on the present Civilian and Federal Criminal Investigative Divisions and Departments and the subsequent lack of citizen support…….I am not a conspiracist by any means……but I prefer to rationalize that if the original newscast-web article IS a fabrication……it was well thought out! If nothing else, it provides an immediate “wake-up” to those less-educated or mentally unable to express themselves without profanity or derisiveness. Thank you for interesting and thought-provoking stories!!

  30. When I was very young, maybe 5 on up, I had many dreams of Chinese invasion. It was terrifying. Eventually the dreams stopped but I never forgot

  31. The number 50,000 is just an estimate. It is well known that DUMBs (Deep underground military bases) have been used by the deep state and CIA as traffficking locations for decades. They are pretty much hidden. The alliance has taken out most of them in the last 4 years and the bombings register as earthquake activity. So if you were China that would be a great place to station troops. not for an initial assault but to come out once there is chaos in the country and taker charge of the countryside and cities. Apparently there were Chinese troops spotted in Wisconsin and a fighter jet was scrambled to check it out. That plane was literally ionized and the pilet is missing. dead or captured. This was our retaliation. an obvious message that we know what they are up to. It is becoming known that the Demoncrats are working with the CCP to take over America and turn it into a communist country. That’s why they need the compromised Biden to win. I am confident our milirtary will not let that happen even if the courts are corrupted.

  32. I guess pearl harbor was are imaginations, btw I’m Afro-American and I’m seeing alot of caucasians saying this and that ain’t true, im black and see what’s coming with the stole election etc, just though so many caucasians wouldnt be brain washed.

    • I’m caucasian and I hear you. People are sheep, and arrogant about it. White< Brown, Asian… Don't matter. Humans are highly susceptible to social conditioning, if you get em while they are young, you have 'em for life all too often.

  33. Do you know any ex Military that does not keep their weapons in the ready ?

    My Oath Does Not Expire ….

  34. Why in the heck would Russia or China care one iota about the damned election fraud? Why do Americans see EVERYTHING happening in the world as US-centric? Makes me sick. Surely Americans can’t be THAT dumb. 50,000 Chinese troops massacred on US soil?? Lol!

    China is not one to sit on their backsides, not beef up their military and allow their enemies to win the arms war. Oh no! China has for decades partnered with countries all over Asia-Pacific and participated in hundreds of joint military exercises with state of the art military technology. Does anyone seriously expect an inscrutable nation like China, who is not only an economic superpower but also a military one, to broadcast to the world the exact details of their military prowess?

    The focus of any military movements around the globe is actually the Middle East. Any allusions to Chinese or Russian military aggression on US soil or against the USA are pure distractions, fabricated by US leaders with nefarious agendas, and not by Chinese or Russian leaders.

    Whether you believe it or not, we are building up to the great battle of Armageddon. All the signs are there. This battle takes place in northern Israel, where Israel’s enemies will gang up on her. Iran may be the trigger which starts this war. A vast army of 100 million soldiers will approach from the east. Think about this. Which country alone has 100 million soldiers? None. China has 3 million active and reserve soldiers…officially on paper! This huge army will come from several countries east and north of Israel. Allies China and Russia each have their own sets of alliances.

    A very good reason why this crazy, scare-mongering rumour was put out. The US govt wants a reason for declaring absolute and total powers over its citizens under emergency laws.

    • This election fraud was not about Democrats running our country, it was about handing it over to China.

    • I know what you mentioned about Armageddon is true. However biblical scholars also point out that America the eagle in mentioned in bible. The modern Babylonian harlot who brought sins to the world and was wealthy.It references the eagle being hit in the left and then it rises only to be brought down on other side as well. East/West coast it seems. It mentions the dragon/ China obviously and other appears to be Russia. It states the world watches it be destroyed in one hour. The bible is not automatically clear to some as it states things that are not easily understood. Requires spiritual thought and further research to cross reference. All I can say is May God Bless American and all his ppl everywhere. It so corrupt and so many sold out for the love of money, they betray one another and the people they should defend. The elite are not on Gods side, may he contend with them accordingly whomever they are.

  35. Not a conspie but my step son just got notice that 19000 graduates are to be deployed to fort knox. But this is interesting..

  36. This is some grade-a lunacy. No citations, no backup, no images because it’s a crock of shit. If this were true in any way, there would be the scantest piece of evidence.

  37. Could you get some actual facts about these 50,000 Chinese soldiers?
    How many died? How close to the Maine-Canadian border were they?
    When did this occur? Where in Canada were these Chinese soldiers based?
    When did they arrive? From where in China did they come? What are their Unit #s?
    Or was this an amphibious landing from the Altantic Ocean?

  38. Its ironic you mentioned your dream..I had a dream in 2007 that Chinese military were marching in TX. I dreamt that the streets, malls and highways looked desolate and nobody was driving cars or out. Only saw Chinese marching together and they saw a big church by freeway with a huge supernatural light on top of it..and they marched away from it. I always wondered about that dream and now Im reading that CCP owns some of our government ppl and China also purchased 130k acres in TX. They also have a Toyota plant in TX. Something is up.

  39. Is this the Babylon Bee? What kind of foolishness is this? Then I see the Anunnaki are here..all credibility just went out the window .. Turn in next week as David Vincent tries to expose the aliens on “The Invaders”

  40. Are you people really this stupid??? Give me an F’ing break with all this conspiracy crap. Since when did Republicans become a giant heard of whiny sheep believing a con man like Trump, Flat Earth, Qanon (qwackAnon), anti mask, Capitalist pigs? So glad I switched to being a Commy Liberal. I wish Russia would invade so we could be led by a real leader and you idiots could be forced to act like normal human beings.

  41. Hope they come to NYC after the Nor’Easter this week. We can always use some help ploughing our streets

  42. Utter nonsense. There was a yearly Naval exercise in North Carolina of course there would be a big military presence there. Also, Trump is preparing to invoke the insurrection act as he makes moves against the 3 states that committed election fraud. There is a large military presence on standby because of that.

    Finally, resources on an island in Canadian territory that both the USA and China want. Chinese business investments have been secured, the USA did not secure the investment. It was unclear what the investments were as it could have been sea drilling or mining minerals. Because of tensions over who got the investment. Private military contractors from China are on that island to secure the investments.

    Just because Hal Turner had a wet dream fuelled by bigotry, discrimination and hatred for China. Does not mean it’s actually happening.
    Splicing 3 different things together and mixing it with bullshit to create further scaremoungering, propoganda abd cultural discrimination.

  43. Yeah! Looks like China and Russia are about to escort the Khazars back to the Ukraine and bring an end to the false Chosen People Complex and the horrible foreign policy centered around it.

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