Seized Trump Documents Contain Evidence Former Presidents Tortured And Ate Children!

In this Dark Outpost Inner Circle exclusive, Federal Eyewitness Jessie Czebotar reveals that the raid on Mar-a-Lago by the FBI was designed in locate documents in President Trump’s possession that prove former presidents participated in ritual child sacrifices and cannibalism. She names those presidents and other high level politicians, entertainers and business leaders. MUST WATCH!

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  1. Please get the help so so desperately need Jessie you seem like a nice lady but my god if you believe what you say you need help bad.

  2. Maybe Kevin you should open your mind, and realize that these people are sick and any abomination is not beyond them. Eating other humans voluntarily is something I cannot fathom, those who do it are possessed or close to it. Now you know why they hate and mainly are afraid of Trump, he has the proof. Some of those scenes made me sick, angry, and wonder why people don’t just rise up, and all I saw was Hillary and Huma Abedin sans surgeon (1st) edition. Same one as some of NYPD’s finest watched and cried and were sick to their stomachs.

  3. Kevin, you clearly have not been given discernment! There has been abuse of children to such an evil level for years! I have just not heard it all put together like Jesse has. It’s hard to listen to because God put on my heart really strongly to pray for the children the last several years! Do you realize the bravery and courage it took her to pursue this and continue to inform people? You can’t ignore the evil that seeps out of the Bushes, Clintons, Obama and Biden! They are pure evil! Hillary is so evil she can’t hide it at all! Just look at their faces when they speak….its apparent they are very evil. Do you ever watch Biden fondle kids in front of the cameras when their parents are too stupid to realize what he is doing to them in front of the camera and they stand there and gloat about it! So instead of criticizing her. Pray for her.

  4. They are ALL bad, they are ALL evil! Against popular opinion, Trump is too. I don’t know why everyone thinks that Trump is such a good guy, he has NEVER been a good guy. Does a good guy burry his 1st wife next to the first hole at his golf course for a frickin tax break? No. You can’t be president if you are not one of them, why can’t people see this? Nothing happens in politics that hasn’t been planned for decades – fact. To include the raid, a planned event. To include the next pandemic (I think in November), a planned event. Open your eyes, actually do some research, don’t follow the masses as Jesus said himself!

  5. If you actually check the Federal Registry for all the Executive Orders that Trump placed throughout his time, there is only ONE that openly addresses Human Trafficking and Child Abuse and it is a very basic document that includes, as they all do, a disclaimer at the bottom that protects everyone in office from what the order is supposed to enforce. GO READ

  6. It appears you have become just like mainstream media by making sure to control your preferred narrative using censorship. My previous comment, that you rejected, was far less critical of anyone than the comments you allowed and posted. Hmmm. I thought you were about the right to voice your opinions and share the truth, I guess not. The things that you talk about are far more graphic than the truth I want to share, I guess you are just another sellout. Disappointing.

  7. Justice would be ending these demons’ lives by taking a flame-thrower to them, I call it “purification by fire”. Forget unnecessary trials for these vermin.

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