Dick Cheney’s Human Hunting Parties!

Former vice president Dick Cheney was heavily involved with human trafficking during his time as Secretary of Defense under President George H.W. Bush. In this special edition of the Dark Outpost inner circle, we examine Cheney’s horrific crimes as told by one of his victims! An Inner Circle exclusive!

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  1. Just pure evil SICK!!!! These people need to ROT IN HELL for their horrific crimes against humanity!! Just disgusting trash they are!!!

    • Amen that that 40girl@gmail.com!

      There are no words or even any real comprehensible thinking that describes these acts of atrocity! My only thoughts were that human trafficking child sacrifice and all of this repugnant horror…. IS NOT NEW. This “sport” is only now being revealed to the public.

      If you search this video on Bitchute you will find perhaps the most courageous woman you have ever seen or heard, for she was witness to these crimes in England and survived to tell about it! Listen and watch for yourself an eyewitness to these high crimes against humanity!

      Jeannette Archer in London today on 26/06/2021 (cut and paste the exact into Bitchute search bar)

      These are mass sacrifices to Baal and Moloch (MLK-abreviation) !!!!!

      When I and my brothers were young, I like many Americans remember seeing the faces of children on the sides of milk cartons who had gone missing. This made my personally sick to my stomach but I had my Cap’n crunch and Boo Berry anyway and hoped that child would soon be found.

      This “effort” to reveal missing children was a complete and total farce in that it served only to minimize the problem which is massive and well organized. One name or face on a milk carton seemed to suggest that only a “few” were going missing each year. FBI agent Ted Gunderson was one of the forthright investigators who exposed the massive extent, breath and width of this world-wide problem.

      Also on Bitchute, find this video: Former FBI Special Agent In Charg Ted Gunderson Exposes Satanism Pedophilia Elite Murder Full Length

      I wonder what the Wisconsin Dairy Industry knew about this or has to say about the fact that names and faces of innocent children were being placed on display on these milk cartons as a FORM OF DISTRACTION away from the extent of this problem. I wonder what they might say as their product was being used as a shill promoting a FALSE narrative that competent plans and efforts were being implemented and executed to stop these crimes against humanity. Instead these efforts put Americans to sleep!

      Former Marine, Child Psychologist and friend and associate of the (deceased?) Robert David Steele who has written an exhaustive multi-volume set of works on this entire issue entitled:

      Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State by: Joachim Hagopian will open everyone’s eyes concerning this problem.

      I wonder how it is that after a search of Jeffry Epstein’s properties showed not only the very curious painting of the blue dress wearing Bill Clinton (Jesuit trained) but also Jeffrey Epstein (apparently a flunky from Ohio) posing in a picture with highest leaders of the Romish Church!

      Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour said that those who commit these hideous crimes against children..that it be better that a millstone (weighing many, many hundreds of pounds) be hung about the neck of these MONSTERS and that they should be tossed into, and allowed to drop to the bottom of the deepest sea. (Lake Michigan not deep enough) Forget it, he does not want to see MONSTERS. Retribution most certain for these who have lost everything and have on option but to continue serving PURE EVIL.


  2. Yes these monsters need to be hung, but if not in this life they have God to yet face and God takes no excuses – He SAW it all !
    Wish the sign up for the TV videos worked but guess it takes High Tech device that I do not have, so I can’t view the videos.
    Wish they’d load them the regular way they use to so we all could see them. Not everyone has, or wants to have, a cell phone High Tech device.

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