‘The Little Girl Was Tortured’: Preteen Brutally Beaten With Hammer And Stabbed To Death, Suspect Was Out On PAROLE For Assault

A 12-year-old girl has been found dead in Chicago. Alexis Stubbs was brutally beaten, suffering blunt trauma, and stabbed to death, CBS Chicago reports.

Police already apprehended a suspect. John Singleton, 31, has been charged with first-degree murder. He was out on parole, after serving time for aggravated domestic assault, according to ABC7. Singleton was just released in April, a mere two months before Alexis Stubbs was murdered in the hallway of her apartment building.

Singleton is reportedly in a relationship with the 12-year-old’s mother, and police think the murder resulted as part of a domestic dispute, though they are not sure what triggered the attack.

Crisis responder Andrew Holmes said police were able to quickly find the suspect. He was hiding in a portable toilet at a nearby construction site.

“His phone had been pinging in the area for the last two hours, so the detectives had been monitoring his phone and his phone was pinging not too far from here and they got out of their cars and started searching on foot,” he said.

Holmes also pledged to help the grieving family, in whatever way he can.

“To me, the little girl was tortured, and she suffered, so we’re going to try to help that family.”

The maintenance man in Stubbs’ building, Reginald Taylor, said that he always thought Singleton was trouble, stating that he “never got a good vibe from him.”

“It really breaks my heart. My heart is just ripped out.” she said. “She gave me a hug Friday and I was like, ‘I’ll see you later.’ And I will never see her.”

Reginald Taylor echoed that sentiment.

“She was a sweet girl, you know, and no kids deserve anything like that, but to see the damage, and the blood … she just didn’t deserve to go out like that.”

As of now, it is unclear if any neighbors witnessed the crime, or if any nearby surveillance cameras picked up pertinent footage.

‘The little girl was tortured’: Preteen brutally beaten with hammer and stabbed to death, suspect was out on PAROLE for assault

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