The 5 Most “Out There” JonBenét Theories: Satanic Nazis, 9/11, Illuminati, And More

Whereas we don’t specifically endorse any particular theory as to who actually murdered six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey on December 26, 1996, there are some we can’t look away from.

Two decades after the tragic death, the investigation continues, and each theory has its rabid adherents. Since we don’t know who the villain in this still unsolved case is, it doesn’t pay to rule anyone out. That stated, we absolutely, positively, 100-percent do not buy into the takes on the case that follow.

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So prepare to explore the outermost regions of criminal investigation and, remember, no law says you have to take any of these ideas seriously. Then again, no law says you don’t have to, either….

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1. JonBenét Is Not Dead — In Fact, She’s Katy Perry

In February 2016, perhaps the most famous, and certainly the most amusing, uh, “out of the ordinary” notion regarding JonBenét’s fate momentarily took over the Internet: the idea that the child beauty pageant queen never actually did die, but that she actually grew up to be pop music mega-star Katy Perry.

The source of the claim seemed to be a video originally posted in 2014 that compared photos and clips of JonBenét and Katy side-by-side, drawing the “indisputable” conclusion that they were one and the same person.

While the viral pass-around of the clip last year was done mostly as a source of amusement, true believers in this idea remain out there. It’s also worth noting that the initial video creator also believes the Earth is flat. [The Frisky]

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2. The Illuminati Sacrificed JonBenét in a Nazi Ritual to Satan

Even some of the, let’s say, even-keeled observers of the JonBenét case have wondered if there wasn’t something ritualistic about the manner in which the child was defiled and murdered.

Embarking on a more, let’s say, uneven-keeled direction, fierce devotion exists online to the claim that at least one member of the Illuminati — the secret society that privately rules us all — slaughtered JonBenét as part of a Satan-worshipping ritual invented by Nazi madman Dr. Josef Mengele and known as “The Last Bulb on the Christmas Tree.”

Furthermore, proponents of the sacrifice theory claim that the eerily similar “jonbet” is another word for “devil” in the Illuminati lexicon. No one has thus far proven that any of this is true but, then again, can anyone prove it isn’t? [Educate Yourself]

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3. The 9/11 Planners Killed JonBenét

The Illuminati again figure into a theory that connects JonBenét Ramsey to the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001.

In a very specific declaration, the conspiracy site The Unhived Mind names JonBenét’s killer to be a Royal Canadian Air Force Colonel operating on behalf of major British and American corporations and Illimunati oligarchs bent on one-world government.

John Ramsey, according to the theory, used his wealth and business power to oppose a series of clandestine plans that ultimately led to 9/11. According to The Unhived Mind:

“John Ramsey was the CEO and President of a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin called Access Graphics. Ramsey was not playing ball with the enemies of America and thus threatened the enemies’ plans to disrupt the war games to aid the coup d’etat on the United States on 9/11. Please study what happened to the family of John Ramsey over a period of time and see how the family suffered at the hands of this foreign enemy from accidents to disease.”

All that can be said is, well, anything is possible. [The Unhived Mind]

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4. A Pedophile Sex Ring Killed JonBenét

Among the more rational seeming speculations regarding JonBenét are suggestions that she may have died at the hands of a child pornographer or even an entire ring of pedophiles.

Many found JonBenét’s beauty-pageant photos and videos to be uncomfortably close to sexualized imagery as it was, so perhaps, the idea goes, it’s not so far-fetched to think someone more aggressive and obscene-minded had gotten ahold of her. There’s no debating that such sickos are out there — both alone and in groups.

Investigative journalist Stephen Singular’s 1999 book Presumed Guilty argues this theory effectively. Still, official investigators have presented no evidence linking JonBenét to child sex. So this remains just an educated guess. [Daily Camera]

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5. John Mark Carr Didn’t Kill JonBenét — But He Was There

Creepshow supreme John Mark Carr first congealed in the public’s consciousness in 2006, after he was extradited from Thailand for “confessing” to the murder of JonBenét. DNA tests later proved he could not have been the culprit. Alas, John Mark Carr did turn out to be … something.

Fox News reports that, in the 1980s, he married a 13-year-old and, later, a 16-year-old. In 1996, around the time JonBenét died, Carr got fired from a teaching job for being “too affectionate” with students. Five years later, cops busted him for kiddie porn.

Carr has subsequently been picked up for domestic violence against a girlfriend, and announced he was undergoing gender reassignment surgery. In 2010, police sought Carr for cyberstalking amid reports he was recruiting blonde girls as young as four “with small feet” to create a JonBenét cult called The Immaculates.

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Most recently, as part of the 2016 Investigation Discovery series JonBenét: An American Murder Mystery, Carr claimed that he did not, in fact, kill the child, but he knows who did and that it was an accident — because he was present and watched the death happen. Carr also said he faked it to look like an attack in order to throw police off the trail.

Thus far, Carr has not been taken seriously — perhaps not even by himself. [Investigation Discovery]

To learn more about the case watch Investigation Discovery’s 3-part special JonBenet Ramsey: An American Murder Mystery on ID GO.

Main photo: [From the Illuminati Series by Russbelt via Wikimedia Commons]

The 5 Most “Out There” JonBenét Theories: Satanic Nazis, 9/11, Illuminati & More

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