Madeleine McCann Case: Were Tony And John Podesta Involved?

Updates on the Madeleine McCann case reveal that brothers John and Tony Podesta might be involved.

Could it be considered a progress on the Madeleine McCann case or just mere speculations? Rumors are rife that brothers John and Tony Podesta match the sketch the police have released in relation to the case.

Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance

Born on May 12, 2003, Madeleine Beth McCann mysteriously disappeared on May 3, 2007. The location where she went missing was in Praia da Luz, a resort in the Algarve region of Portugal.

She was with her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, her younger twin siblings and a group of family and friends with their children for a holiday. She was discovered missing at 10 in the evening.

Since then, she is still not found and her case is still ongoing. It had attracted international interest, with one newspaper even claiming it as “the most heavily reported missing person case in modern history.”

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John And Tony Podesta’s Involvement

Snopes reports of a claim that John and Tony Podesta perfectly match the police sketches of Madeleine McCann’s alleged kidnappers. Digging deeper, here’s what they found out.

Speculations emerged following Pizzagate’s conspiracy theory just last month. It claims the detailed involvement of the brothers to the kidnapping of missing British girl Madeleine McCann.

It could be true that John and Tony Podesta somehow resembles the alleged kidnapper, but there is only one suspect. Also, there are two images of the same kidnapper, which led people to think that the kidnappers are Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager and his brother.

Images of the alleged abductor along with the brothers’ photos surfaced online. It was published with no detailed information. Clearly, it just wants to show the eerily resemblance of the brothers to the abductor.

Aside from the claims that there is only one suspect, it is also reported that the suspect at large is between the age of 20-40 years old. John was almost 60 when the incident happened, thereby ruling the brothers out further.

There were also reports that the sketch also resembles Gerry McCann, Madeleine’s dad. However, nothing has been proven so far.

It is important to note that these are all conspiracy theories. The Madeleine McCann case is still open and she is still missing at this moment. Her whereabouts remain unknown.


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