Condemned Inmate Literally Too Sick To Be Executed; Gets Year & A Half Reprieve

CHILLICOTHE, OH — Ohio’s governor has set a new execution date for a condemned inmate whose execution was halted when the prison team were unable to successfully end his life.

Governor John Kasich set a June 5, 2019, execution date for Death Row prisoner Alva Campbell as part of a formal reprieve issued Wednesday. Campbell’s execution was halted on Wednesday morning after execution team members worked unsuccessfully for about 25 minutes to find a usable vein to administer lethal injection drugs via IV.

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The execution team reportedly stuck Campbell, 69, with needles twice in the right arm, and then once in the left, and once in the right shin.  When Campbell’s heath was assessed prior to the execution, a prisons spokeswoman said that two checks on Tuesday found the veins “palpable and accessible.”

Campbell was due to be executed for a carjack killing of an 18-year-old in 1997.

Campbell’s attorney David Stebbins said that Campbell’s health problems have been a continuing problem. Stebbins said that his client uses a walker, a colostomy bag, suffers from breathing problems including COPD, and may have lung cancer. Because of his breathing issues, he cannot lie flat on on his back, so he was provided with a wedge-shaped pillow during the execution attempt.

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Death penalty opponents and the ACLU have called on Ohio to put a stop to executions after the failed execution, which was only the third time in U.S. history that an execution has been called off after the process has begun.

Campbell lost his last appeal Tuesday when the United States Supreme Court refused to stop the execution. Campbell’s attorney David Stebbins said that his client was happy to be alive. He wiped away tears after being informed that the executed wasn’t going forward.

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