Woman Tries To Run Down Ex While Blaring Holiday Music, Yelling “Merry Christmas”

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UNIONTOWN, PA — It was a not-so-silent night when Mary Jo Smith, 47, sped over to her ex-boyfriend’s home, blaring Christmas music from her car’s sound system all the way.

Smith reportedly then plowed through her ex’s front yard, flattening holiday displays and attempting to run down the man, his present wife, and the couple’s stepdaughter. Throughout the entire rampage, Smith reportedly yelled nonstop, “Merry Christmas!”

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Adding another layer of strangeness, Smith and the ex have not been in a relationship for more than 25 years.

Before responders showed up, Smith’s car tore up the yard with tire tracks, scattered decorations all over the property, and destroyed a maibox. She also damaged the family’s pool. The target’s stepdaughter reportedly held Smith down while waiting for authorities to arrive.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Stefani Lucas told reporters, “She attempted to drive the vehicle at him, and he had to use the tree for cover to protect himself from that vehicle. She proceeded to do a pretty significant amount of damage to the outside of the residence, the yard, Christmas decorations, and did do damage to the vehicle and the house as well by driving into the home.”

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Smith was booked for aggravated assault, criminal mischief, driving under the influence, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and reckless driving.

Woman Tries To Run Down Ex While Blaring Holiday Music, Yelling “Merry Christmas”

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