What Murder Weapons Do Women Use The Most?

The notion of “what women want” has been debated throughout the ages, but when it comes committing murder, the FBI provides some definite — and deadly — answers.

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First, it’s important to note that men perpetrate vastly more crimes than women in general, and way more violent crimes in particular. According to the FBI’s most recent Supplemental Homicide Report, about 90 percent of murders are committed by men versus just 10 percent by women.

Women are more likely to go to jail for robbery, fraud, and larceny. More than 28 percent of female convicts are locked up for theft-related property crimes, as opposed to just 18 percent of male inmates.

In terms of overall violent crimes, the incarceration figure is nearly 60 percent for men, contrasted with 37 percent for women.

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So what are the gender differences when it comes to killing methods and devices?

Males overwhelmingly opt for guns and use them in 67 percent of their murders. Females also go firearms-first at 39 percent, but they outpace fellas in more fatally creative categories such as poison and asphyxiation.

Here now — gathered from the FBI’s analysis of 17,431 murders between 1999 and 2012 — is the list of ladies’ preferences when it comes to lethal weapons of choice.


• Gun — 39%

Knife — 23%

“Other” — 12%

• Beating — 12%

• Blunt Object — 5.4%

• Asphyxiation — 2.6%

• Poison — 2.5%

• Fire — 1.5%

• Drowning — 1%

• Strangulation — 0.9%

• Explosives — 0.7%

• Defenestration (Throwing victim out a window) — 0.04%

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For comparison purposes, here’s the same list skewed male.


• Gun — 67%

Knife — 12%

• Beating — 7.1%

“Other” — 7%

• Blunt Object — 4.5%

• Strangulation — 0.7%

• Asphyxiation — 0.6%

• Fire — 0.46%

• Poison — 0.4%

• Drowning — 0.1%

• Explosives — 0.3%

• Defenestration — 0.2%

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