The Devil Told Him To: “Vampire” Killed Boy And Drank His Blood

Pablo Lucio Vasquez, 38, admitted in a videotaped confession to police that he hit David Cardenas in the head with a pipe and slit his throat on April 18, 1998. Vasquez, who became known as a “vampire” killer, claimed he was following orders from the devil when he murdered the 12-year-old boy and drank his blood.

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Vasquez stated that he and his cousin, Andres Rafael Chapa, had been drinking alcohol, smoking pot, and snorting cocaine when voices told him to kill Cardenas, who was a friend of Chapa.

Vasquez admitted to investigators that he attempted to behead his young victim, saying that the devil was instructing him to do so, but wasn’t able to actually remove it. “The blood was dripping and (I) got it all over my face. So, I don’t know, I mean something just told me drink,” Vasquez told police.

Cardenas’ body was found, scalped and mutilated, buried in a shallow grave in the south Texas town of Donna a few days later.

Vasquez, who was 20 years old at the time of his victim’s murder, was sentenced to death in 1999. Chapa, who was only 15, is serving a 35-year sentence.

Vasquez’s lawyer had appealed for a stay from the U.S. Supreme Court, claiming problems with jury selection. In other appeals, Vasquez had argued that he was mentally ill. Ultimately, however, the execution was allowed to proceed, and Vasquez was executed on April 7, 2016 in Huntsville, Texas.

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When Vasquez was asked by the warden if he had a final statement before he was executed by lethal injection, he turned to the window where his victim’s relatives watched and apologized to them. “This is the only way that I can be forgiven,” he said. “You got your justice right here.”

“See you on the other side,” he said, this time looking toward the area where several members of his family were observing.

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The Devil Told Him To: “Vampire” Killed Boy And Drank His Blood

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