That’s Bass-Ackwards! Josh Duggar Demands $ From Lawsuit Over HIS OWN Alleged Molestation Of His Sisters!

Josh Duggar is joining his sisters’ lawsuit against the town of Springdale, Arkansas, its police officials, and In Touch magazine for releasing police reports on his molestation case, reports TMZ.

In 2015, the police documents detailing the molestation accusations were leaked to In Touch magazine, though law enforcement officials had reportedly assured the family 2006 that the reports would never be released since the siblings were minors and Josh was never formally charged.

All of the Duggars are claiming to have suffered from the aftermath of the documents being released, and Josh said he’s been “victimized and forced to relive the painful and difficult circumstances of a traumatic experience as a juvenile.”

After the reports had been made public, Josh admitted to molesting four of his sisters, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy, as TMZ reported in 2015.

ET Online reported that the molestation started around 2002 when Josh was about 14 years old. The report said that Josh fondled the genitals and breasts of the girls. Some of the girls were sleeping, but one of the girls interacted with him.

Nine months later, another incident was reported and Josh admitted everything to his father, Jim Duggar.

Instead of going to the police, Jim reportedly went to his church for advice. He decided to put Josh in a treatment program, though the program was not specifically for sex offenders.

Reports of the alleged abuse didn’t reach authorities until a year later.

In 2006, Jim and his wife Michelle are interviewed by police. The statute of limitations had expired, and Josh was not charged.

A spokesperson for the city of Springdale gave a statement regarding the lawsuit filed against the city.

“The claims and allegations in this lawsuit are without merit and are false, and we are confident that the Federal Court will take the time to carefully hear the facts and arguments in this matter … It is unfortunate that now, at this late date, the Plaintiffs have chosen to file a misguided lawsuit against dedicated public servants and seeking damages from public tax dollars.”

That’s bass-ackwards! Josh Duggar demands $ from lawsuit over HIS OWN alleged molestation of his sisters!

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