Sucking Out “The Black Reaper”: Occult Teen Sex And Murder In Texas

GALVESTON, TX — Sixty-five-year-old “Mexican card reader” Jose Leyva has been charged, along with three accomplices, in the May 23 murder of Francisco Esparza, 64.

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The violence flared over a “cleansing ritual” that Leyva had proposed undertaking on Esparza’s 19-year-old son. The occultist said he could suck out a demon called “The Black Reaper” by performing oral sex on the teen.

Court documents indicate that Leyva had already conducted “prayer sessions” with the teen that involved rubbing olive oil all over the young man’s nude body, including the genitals.

Police allege that once Francisco Esparza caught wind of Leyva’s salacious spiritual practice, he told the “healer” to back off. In response, according to the arrest records, Leyva allegedly ordered Santos Botello, 40; and brothers Jaime Posada, 24; and Ricardo Posada, 21, to execute the concerned dad.

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After a May 5 incident during which an unknown assailant stabbed Esparza’s son, the teen started visiting Leyva, who had been a family friend, hoping to break his run of rotten luck. The teen said Leyva worshipped the Roman Catholic Saint Cyprian, but also practiced witchcraft.

After three hands-on Leyva “rituals,” the teen wanted to stop, despite encouragement from his mother and sister to keep going. That’s when, the young man said, Leyva took to dropping by his house constantly and calling him “eight to ten times a day” to warn of the Black Reaper and talk up his sure-fire cure.

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On May 23, Francisco Esparza attempted to confront Leyva, specifically to put an end to the harassment of his son. Esparza approached a pickup truck occupied by two men. One of the men shot Esparza multiple times, killing him on the spot.

A passing tow-truck driver saw the commotion and snapped a photo of the pickup as it fled. Due to his quick thinking, the participants were found soon after.

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Police believe Leyva ordered the hit, Jaime Posada coordinated it, Ricardo Posada drove the truck, and Santos Botello acted as the shooter.

Leyva said he just sent his goons there to “beat someone up.” He’s presently free on $250,000 bond.

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Sucking Out “The Black Reaper”: Occult Teen Sex And Murder In Texas

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