Satanic Sex Game Gone Wrong? Woman Admits To Dismembering Boyfriend

ORYOL, RUSSIA — A 21-year-old Russian woman has been taken into custody after confessing to dismembering the dead body of her boyfriend.

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Anastasia Onegina is accused of killing her partner, Dmitry Sinkevich, 24, a former policeman and army soldier in the city of Oryol. Onegina, a student, denies that she murdered her boyfriend and stated that, after discovering his dead body, she mutilated his corpse because she was afraid that she would be accused of his murder, according to

One police theory is that he died during a sex game gone wrong, according to local reports. Neighbors report that the couple were fans of occultism and BDSM, and Sinkevich’s social media included occult images, and he was a member of at least one Satanic online group. One report read: “Neighbors said that they held weekly orgies, and complained about them making a lot of noise. They were said to be into sadomasochism.

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Sinkevich’s body, cut up with a knife, was found by Onegina’s sister, who called police. Detective Nikolay Panasyuk said: “The body was found by the sister of the suspect, who came to the flat. The suspect, aged 21, who was well acquainted with the victim, has been detained. She gave evidence, insisting she did not kill him.”

In the victim’s social media profile he had written: “In love with Anastasia Onegina.” His final picture shows them together going for a walk with her dog at 7:50 A.M. on Sunday. Police say that he died and was dismembered later on that same day.

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On her online account, Onegina, the daughter of a policeman, wrote: “I only want 3 things in this world: See you. Hug you. Kiss you.”

Forensic tests are being carried out to determine exactly how Sinkevich died.


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