Report: Creepy Clown And Snake Man Terrorize Kids With Knife

FARGO, ND — Oh, no! We thought clown crime was soooooo 2016. But could this be the start of a new creepy clown crime wave?

Police in Fargo, North Dakota, say they are investigating a report involving a scary, menacing clown with a sidekick — a guy with a huge snake.

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Officers responded to an apartment building on Saturday evening in response to a report that two men were scaring children. A witness said that one of the two suspects was dressed as a clown — and holding a knife. The other man had a boa constrictor that was about three to four feet long, according to KVLY-TV.

The witness reportedly claimed that the men were approaching children and asking them if they “wanted to see a dead body” and threatened to kill them.

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The kids ran into their apartment building, and the two men went back to a neighboring building, according to the station.

Police interviewed the clown and his cohort, and they could face a felony charge of terrorizing, according to the station.

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The “killer clown” phenomenon started in South Carolina last year and eventually spread to Canada, Ireland, and England. It involved several reports of people wearing scary clown masks and costumes to scare people – and in some cases, the assailants threatened or assaulted their victims.

We’re hoping this is an isolated incident and we won’t have to start using a new hashtag for 2017!

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Main photo: Pennywise the clown Halloween costume [Xalejo0917 / Wikimedia Commons]

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