Murder Charges For Teen Who Allegedly Recorded A Girl’s Suicide After Urging Her To Kill Herself

A Utah teenager will face a charge of first-degree murder after he allegedly urged a schoolmate to commit suicide, as reported by The Salt Lake Tribune.

Tyerell Przybycien, 18, is accused of helping 16-year-old Jchandra Brown commit suicide, egging her on and even buying items to help her end her own life, including a length of rope. The 18-year-old is also alleged to have tied the noose and placed the pedestal for her to stand on before she hanged herself on May 6, in addition to filming the entire gruesome scene.

In a ruling issued Tuesday, Judge James Brady told a court there was probable cause for Przybycien to face a murder charge because “it is reasonable to infer” Brown would not have died without his help.

Prosecutors argued that Przybycien urged Brown to commit suicide to fulfill a sick fantasy and, as such, needed to be charged with murder, as previously reported by CrimeOnline.

“He had a fascination with death,” said prosecutor Chad Grundander. “He used her suicidal ideations for his own purposes.”

The teenager is also said to have bragged about his actions on Facebook, telling friends he was going to “help kill” Brown and saying it would be “like getting away with murder.”

In addition to the murder charge, Przbycien will face a misdemeanor count for failure to report a dead body. He is expected to enter a plea to the charges next week.

According to local news reports, this is the first case in Utah history in which someone was accused of recording a suicide.

Murder charges for teen who allegedly recorded a girl’s suicide after urging her to kill herself

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