Kim Wall: Decapitation, Torture Photos Allegedly Found On Murder Suspect’s Computer

Footage of women being decapitated while alive has been found on the alleged hard drive of a Danish inventor accused of murdering Swedish journalist Kim Wall, a Copenhagen court has heard.

Wall was stabbed 15 times after she boarded Peter Madsen’s homemade submarine for an interview, according to statements made by the prosecutor. Madsen, 46, has been charged with murdering Wall, 30. She went missing August 10 after boarding the Nautilus in order to write a story about the inventor.

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Her headless, dismembered torso was found a few days later in waters off Copenhagen according to Special Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen, who detailed new findings at a pre-trial hearing on Tuesday.

Peter Madsen claimed that Wall’s death was an accident, telling investigators that she was hit on the head by a hatch cover when climbing out of the submarine. He claimed that, in his panic, he planned to sink the Nautilus and commit suicide.

He weighted Wall’s body and threw it overboard, and then was himself rescued after sinking the vessel.

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Wall’s cause of death has not yet been determined, but Buch-Jepsen told a court that the multiple knife wounds had been inflicted at the time of death or shortly afterward, according to The Guardian.

Speaking to the hearing via video conference, Madsen denied that the grisly material on the computer belonged to him and pointed out that other people had access to his studio.

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Kim Wall: Decapitation, Torture Photos Allegedly Found On Murder Suspect’s Computer

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