‘It’s Protein, it’s Good For You’: Defendant Allegedly Hurls His Own Feces At Judge During Trial

Court records in Florida indicate a wheelchair-bound man facing criminal charges of burglary only made matters worse when he allegedly defecated and attempted to throw his own waste at the presiding judge.

According to the Associated Press, 33-year-old Dorleans Philidor was seated near Judge Lisa Walsh during trial on Friday at a Miami-Dade circuit court. A jury was reportedly not in the courtroom at the time.

“It’s protein!” Philidor allegedly yelled as he tossed the fecal matter toward Walsh. “It’s good for you!”

Reports indicate it was not the first such incident in the defendant’s criminal file. The previous day, court spokesperson Eunice Sigler said he also soiled himself while behind bars in a holding cell.

Fortunately for the judge, authorities say she was not soiled in the courtroom incident. A short time later, the room was reportedly swarmed with officers and the area was temporarily closed for cleaning.

Philidor has reportedly since been acquitted on the count of burglary and officials did not immediately reveal whether they will pursue charges related to the disturbance in court.

He also reportedly faces charges related to grand theft auto in a separate trial, as reported by the Miami Herald.


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