Flesh For Fantasy: “Cannibal Cop” Says He Still Visits Fetish Websites

Gilberto Valle, the former NYPD officer nicknamed “Cannibal Cop” by the media, has revealed that he still visits flesh-eating fetish websites “on occasion.” 

He said: “It’s not a crime to fantasize about people you know. It’s not a crime to fantasize about committing crimes against people you know. It’s action [that’s illegal]. There were no actions taken, period.”

Raw Deal by Gilberto Valle, front cover image [Amazon]

Raw Deal by Gil Valle, front cover image [Amazon]

In 2012, Valle’s wife, Kathleen Mangan-Valle, discovered her husband spending time in online chat rooms where shared detailed ideas about to how he would abduct, rape and cannibalize women.

Kathleen then told authorities that her husband was actively plotting to kill and eat more than 100 women, including herself.

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Acting on the tip, the FBI found a “target list” of names, addresses, and photographs of women on Valle’s computer.

Valle was convicted in 2013 for kidnapping conspiracy, but the verdict was overturned 21 months later.

Now Valle has penned a new book, Raw Deal: The Untold Story of NYPD’s “Cannibal Cop,” to tell his side of what transpired.

Valle insists that he never intended to carry out the dark deeds he fantasized about online, and says his function as “The Chef“‘ on the fetish website was to create role-play scenarios for people interested in cannibalism fantasies — and to help his writing.

In an excerpt published by the New York Post, Valle attempts to compare his fetish to BDSM, which has bee brought into the mainstream by the Fifty Shades of Grey book series and their movie adaptations, one of which, Fifty Shades Darker, opens today.

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In addition, Valle reveals that he tried for years to hide his dark secret and felt freedom when he found an online community of like-minded enthusiasts.

He maintains that many people are too “embarrassed” to admit to their true desires, and says women have contacted him online to talk about his interest in the cannibal kink.

On the website of his book’s publisher, WildBlue Press, Valle states: “The issue of thought crimes is one reason I wanted to write this book.”

He further elucidates: “Maybe a more important reason for me, personally, is the feeling that I owe it to myself and everyone who wholeheartedly believed in my innocence from the day I was arrested to finally get the accurate, true story out there.”

Though a court acquitted him, Valle’s fetish cost him his law enforcement career. The NYPD fired Valle following his arrest. He now works at a friend’s construction company.

Kathleen Mangan-Valle divorced the ex-cop and has reportedly moved to Nevada with their infant daughter.


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