Did An “Online Death Cult” Focused On Reptilians, Witches, And Aliens Drive A Woman To Kill Her Boyfriend?

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP, PA — A Pennsylvania man allegedly murdered by his girlfriend on Saturday may have asked her to kill him to escape a cult that warned about alien invasions and the end of days, investigators revealed.

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Barbara Rogers, 42, has been charged with criminal homicide and is being held without bail after allegedly shooting her boyfriend Steven Mineo, 32, in the head at close range in their Coolbaugh Township apartment.  Police found a .45 caliber semi-automatic Glock next to Mineo’s body at the crime scene, as well as another handgun, rifle, and used casings at the residence.

According to Monroe County police, Rogers claimed that her boyfriend wanted her to kill him due to the fact that he had fallen out with the cult’s leaders and was being harassed.

She identified that the deceased was having online issues with a cult and he wanted to be killed and he requested she do it,” Lieutenant Steven Williams of Pocono Mountain Regional Police said. “Apparently they belong to a cult. He was upset with the cult, felt he was being harassed, and he was frustrated. And he asked his girlfriend to kill him. And she did.”

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The online organization, which worships an entity called The Most High, produces content pertaining to “new-age alien agenda” and apocalyptic biblical themes from the Book of Revelation. The organization is headed by Sherry Shriner, according to its website. Shriner believes that “orgones” can battle “Alien-Demonic-Vampire-Zombie beings.” Shriner and her followers believe that “reptillian” people — many of whom occupy high places in society and political office — live among us and can also be battled with orgones.

Shriner maintains a large number of websites, which deal with these topics and other fringe conspiracy theories. On one, called Fun Things To Do as a Warrior for The Most High, she suggests a long lists of goals and outcomes for followers to pray for every day. Some of these are:

  • Their automatic doors in their underground bases don’t work for a day…for Yah to put them in confusion as to what’s wrong with them and don’t let them be able to be fixed for 24 hours.

  • Reptilians and grays eliminate through their skin…pray that all their pores get blocked and they become “constipated”. See how they like that!

  • Their radios unexpectedly tune to Christian music stations for no apparent reason and the frequency changer fries out right after, and simultaneously their view finder pops up with a yellow smiley

  • Shampoo stocks are inadvertently switched with blue-dye liquid soap and ‘they’ all come out looking ‘smurfy’

  • The plagues they have planned to unleash on mankind get switched with the anecdotes, and the cures/anecdotes stashed away for the wicked to protect themselves with end up being the plague vaccines themselves causing the wicked and their families to die of the coming plagues.

And so on.

In May, Mineo posted a 52-minute YouTube video allegedly exposing the truth about Shriner. He claimed that he was once a devoted follower of Shriner, but began to doubt her role as a prophet after she called Rogers “a reptillian” — and a witch — in part because she posted pictures of steak tartare on her Facebook page.

Rogers seems to address these accusations in a Facebook post:

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Mineo also claimed that Shriner believed that Rogers could be a “sleeper agent” from the U.S. military sent to gather intelligence on Shriner.

On her Facebook page, Shriner posted that she had “tried to warn” Mineo about Rogers and was not responsible for his death.

And in a case of the plot thickening, Shriner has posted theories and doubts she has about the case based on alleged hidden backward speech contained in this news interview with a neighbor discussing the shooting of Mineo:

“This is a clip from the News 16 video where the reporter is interviewing the neighbor Kevin Wade. In reverse speech, Johnny Galvan found that he says, “So yeah, remind the doctor to cover it up. No doubt I saw it – such deadly. Wear gloves; are red.” Remind the doctor?? Was he involved and what was his involvement? Means this was premeditated don’t you think? Wonder how long he’s lived there as the neighbor. I don’t believe Steve was shot one time in the head…even the other neighbor said several gunshots were heard in rapid secession…this was in no way a suicide…that part is the cover up…to make it look like one. Barbara Rogers story will fall apart, as lies always do.”

Some of Steven’s friends and family have expressed disbelief at the allegations that he may have been suicidal.

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Charles Mineo posted a video of Steven laughing and setting off fireworks and wrote: “My Brother was so Happy. I just don’t understand. He sent this video to me on the 4th. I just can’t believe he is gone.”

Rogers is set to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on July 26.

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