5 Celebs Who Have Defended Bill Cosby (And Why Their Arguments Are Just Wrong)

Kanye West once took to Twitter to make a very vehement declaration: “BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!” he tweeted. Unfortunately, this was not the start of one of Kanye’s Twitter rants, so he offered no further explanation for his defense of the entertainer.

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An episode of Vanity Fair Confidential, entitled “Bill Cosby Raped Me,” delved into the accusations leveled against the legendary comedian by more than 40 women, who say he drugged and sexually assaulted them over the course of his long career. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could defend Cosby at this point, but alas, Yeezy is not alone. The comedian’s supporters have offered up all manner of excuses. Seriously, we’ve heard it all — and it’s all wrong.

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Damon Wayans: His Accusers Are “Unrapeable”

“I don’t believe that he was raping.… Just listen to what they’re saying and some of them really [are] un-rape-able. I just look at them and go, ‘You don’t want that. Get out of here.’”

One of the most pervasive myths about sexual assault and rape is that it’s primarily about sex and sexual attraction. This myth allows people like Wayans to believe that “ugly” people can’t be victims or that certain men don’t “need” to rape because they can have sex with whoever they want. But rape is about control, dominance and violence, and anyone of any age, body type, race, gender, etc. can be a victim, just as men (and, to a far lesser degree, women) who are wealthy or famous can be rapists.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

R. Kelly: The Accusers Waited Too Long To Come Forward

“When you wait 70 years, 50 years, 40 years, to say something that simple, it’s strange.”

Coming forward as a victim is hardly a “simple” thing to do, regardless of when the assault occurred, as society typically views rape as a he said/she said crime. Victims are all too often scrutinized, interrogated and blamed for their own assaults, further complicating an already painful experience. Rapes are incredibly under-prosecuted, and it’s difficult for victims to get justice in the form of a conviction.

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That’s absolutely still the case, even though we have thankfully made some strides with rape prevention education and consent laws, and have more resources for helping victims. But 20, 30, 40 years ago? Let’s just say that the resources were minimal, and society’s attitude made it that much worse.

On top of all that, Bill Cosby was (and to some, still is) a beloved entertainer, with fame, money, influence and power at his disposal; many of his victims have said that they were sure no one would believe them. It was only when other women came forward that they realized they were not alone.

Source: Daily Mail

Rush Limbaugh: The Media Set Cosby Up!

“And I asked myself, what did Bill Cosby ever do to tick off some producer at CNN? Or some reporter? Or some assignment? What happened here?”

Oh Rush, always looking for any excuse to bash the liberal media, as if CNN is in the business of framing famous people. How exactly would that work anyway? It’s not like CNN got some sort of exclusive on the story, which you think they would if they were secretly paying a bunch of women to lie. Was this a long-con? Andrea Constand accused Cosby back in 2005, with 13 other women backing her civil suit. If CNN was involved then, they sure dropped the ball, because by 2006, the accusations were out of the news and practically forgotten by the public. It wasn’t until late-2014 that comedian Hannibal Burress brought renewed attention to the accusations during a set in Cosby’s hometown in Philadelphia. Was he on CNN’s payroll too? Just no, Rush, NO.

Source: Raw Story

The Game: Cosby Is Less Culpable Than Police Officers Who’ve Killed Black Civilians

“I think it’s crazy that Bill Cosby has a mug shot for alleged assaults 11 years ago with no physical evidence or proof besides these womens accounts of what he did to them an entire decade later…. But Darren Wilson, who killed Mike Brown on camera, is FREE. George Zimmerman, who killed Trayvon Martin, is FREE. Timothy Loehman, who killed Tamir Rice seconds after arriving on the scene.. on camera, is FREE.”

Rapper The Game does have a valid point about officers who kill unarmed civilians, usually people of color, not being held accountable for their actions. But the serial rape allegations against Bill Cosby an entirely separate issue and conflating the two does a disservice to his argument against police brutality.

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As for the lack of “physical evidence” or “proof”? Sexual assault is a crime that is more often than not carried out behind closed doors, without any witnesses. Physical evidence like bodily fluids, bruises, scratches, etc. can preserved and documented by getting a rape kit or taking photographs, but many can and do then write that evidence off as signs of consensual and/or rough sex. The point is, if you are the type of person who doesn’t consider more than 40 victims with similar stories of being sexually assaulted by the same man to be “proof,” nothing will convince you.

Source: NY Daily News

Stacey Dash: He Was A Perfect Gentleman To Me!

“I worked with Bill Cosby in ’86 when I was 19. We were alone together many times. He was a perfect gentleman & became a mentor to me.”

While I’m glad to hear that Stacey Dash was not among those women who were allegedly sexually assaulted by Cosby, the fact is, rapists don’t go around raping everybody. Because then they won’t have anybody to defend them, you know? Serial predators can be especially methodical in choosing their victims, often marking women who are less likely to be believed. To others, they can cross across as charming, funny and caring. This seems pretty basic, but I’ll spell it out anyway: Not being raped by someone is not evidence that they didn’t rape somebody else.

5 Celebs Who Have Defended Bill Cosby (And Why Their Arguments Are Just Wrong)

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