Shock: Snake Venom In Baby Formula!

Fresh on the heels of Dr. Bryan Ardis’ stunning revelation that Remdesivir contains snake venom, comes word that baby formula being used to replenish the supply lost due to tainted products and the rest being given to illegals crossing our border, may also contain venom. Brice Watson, Stephanie Schapp and Judy Wirhol discuss Satanic spell casting books that belonged to Moses. Dr. Rita Louise talks about healing after surviving a cult. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Hi David, those 3 women you had on the show talking about Yahweh and Yeshua and the coming of the new world are right. The Catholic church and the Vatican are done. Christianity is the religion of satan. Yeshua is already here and he is living in the secrate land of Haiti. He is waiting for the spirit to inhabited in him, then he will come out. The Christians think the 144k people who is going to be lifted in the kingdom of Yahweh is coming from the church, they are so wrong. This group of people is coming from all walks of life. Race and color play no part of the kingdom. You and your 3 guests could be among the 144k because of the work you are doing.

  2. I believe the very reason for the shortage is because of the tainted supply. The white hats are the ones that are destroying the food plants. It is the cleaning up of the food supply that has been tainted for decades.

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