WHO Admits COVID Vaccines Killing Kids!

The World Health Organization recently issued a ‘global alert’ about a new severe form of hepatitis affecting children a result of the COVID jabs. John Carman discussed “modern art”, which is actually a catalyzer for pedophilia. Dr. Bryan Ardis said there is a separate water system in all major cities across the United States, which can be switched on to target individual homes and apartments, neighborhoods and even entire cities to poison its residents. Janine Linehan proved Cameron Diaz is a man. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!


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  1. Please ask Dr Ardis…

    What dosage of nicotine product and melatonin is recommended for long covid remedy. Should it be taken only at night.

    Are repeat doses needed and if so, how often and for how long

    Are smokers more protected from catching covid and if so does taking melatonin add to that protection/prevention

    Does the nicotine/melatonin remedy work as well as ivermectin/zinc for a case of covid or is it just an after covid remedy

    Thank you and God bless,

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