A New Religious Cult Has Emerged: The Branch Covidians

Winter Watch – by Russ Winter

As the coronavirus tyranny grinds into its ninth month, we are at last witnessing the emergence of a stiffer resistance as protesters take to the streets en masse, especially in Europe. More people are also awakening to the big-picture truths of Covid-1984.

Unfortunately, on the other side of the coin comes a brood that can only be defined as a parallel society. This society worships at a religious alter we can only characterize as Covid insanity, or “Covidanity.”

Covid-1984 tyranny may have grown a resistance, but it has also recruited more authoritarian followers. This cult are the Branch Covidians, a defacto version of Satanism. When there’s a void, something else may sneak in: Baal corona.

Branch Covidians love the lockdowns, rules, rituals and trappings, such as handwashing (baptism), mask wearing (Fauci’s black burka), social distancing, curfews and being locked up (BDSM and trauma based torture). The nasal swab test is the equivalent to the holy communion wafer.

As I have started to allude to more in recent podcasts, these authoritarian followers and most pajama people cultists are no longer worth the time or effort.

When the British government sends every household a four-page pamphlet instructing grown adults on how to “wash their hands,” then you know a cult-like scam is in progress.

It is very much a “temperance” movement. The Branch Covidians do not want this to end, they relish in it.

Notice how the corona virus symbol is the chaos symbol with the arrow heads flattened? CV-19 pendants are making the rounds.

In the Bible of the Branch Covidians is the Book of Gates, Chapter 6, verses 14-17:

[14] Stand therefore, having the face girt with thy miraculous face mask of cloth, and having laid the social distancing floor stickers of sanctimonious self-righteousness.

[15] And thy hands doused with the preparation of the minimum 60% ethanol hand sanitizer.

[16] Above all, taking the shield of plexiglass, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the diseased saliva particles of the wicked maskless non-believers.

[17] And take the forehead thermometer scan of salvation, and the Vaccine of Bill Gates, which is the Cure.

The Vaccine makes them officially one of the “chosen people” at last, and this is why the Branch Covidians will be lining up for it. There’s also an element of the Rapture in this as well. Those who take the Holy Vaccine will be “saved.” Those who don’t will be, to use a Rapture term, “left below.”

We predict that a vaccine scarcity factor — at least initially — will create a lottery that Branch Covidians will go into religious hysterics to win. And now, Fauci has promised them annual needle stickings as part of the religious Vaccine Messiah.

The MRC5 cells in vaccines come from aborted human tissue — or, if you prefer, the sacrificial lamb, or the blood of Christ.

Indeed, the 2011 movie “Contagion” offers plenty of predictive programming about the Vaccine Messiah lottery drawing. In the following scene from the movie, Vaccine “winners” are reminded to maintain social distancing while in line to receive their holy sticking. In the movie “V for Vendetta,” they genuflect that the Vaccine was “like a gift from God.”

These authoritarians and mad people have finally found something that fills their spiritual void. They have no compunctions about enforcing Covidanity on others. This cult will form the shock troopers of the gangstalking constabulary being planned by the Biden-Harris cabal. Replete with special lemming badges, they can call in the Stasi against non-believers/infidels.

The Branch Covidians also have prophets (aka profits) — especially Fauci, Gates and Davos mucky mucks like Karl Schwab. Cult members even buy Dr. Fauci prayer candles. You can’t make this stuff up.

They have a full-blown political church of all-star enforcers and goons, such as state governors Cuomo, Newsom and Whitmer.

The Lugenpresse mainstream media is rife with fanatical Branch Covidians.

The hierarchy and high priests of B.C. are scientists, politicians, lugenpresse, and doctors.

Law enforcement seems fully committed to Covidanity.

Under the Branch Covidian system, chosen-one believers and their kingpins are absolved of all their errors and sins, and this lack of accountability feeds their psychopathy.

Winter Watch

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