We’ve All Been Cloned

Dark Outpost has learned that every child born in the United States since 1954 has been cloned as part of a treaty with extraterrestrials that Dwight D. Eisenhower made. Cloning facilities exist in deep underground bases around the U.S. In addition, many politicians, business people and celebrities have paid to have themselves cloned, or were replicated unwittingly prior to their suspicious deaths or disappearances. And…Airman Jim discusses UFOs and the paranormal. Plus…Joel Hirschhorn discusses his book Pandemic Blunder, the first book to explain in detail how and why the federal government failed to do what medicine has always done: promote and support the earliest medical treatment that people can use in their home. Missing from current government actions is the early home/outpatient treatment for COVID that keeps people out of hospitals. The result was a pandemic blunder of massive proportions. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Yesterday was looking through an article on Adrenogate.net. Came across that name Donald Marshall. The cloning facilities seem connected to Egyptian mummification or reanimation. Recent Egyptian and Suez Canal Container incident.
    Looked at site https://donaldmarshallrevolution.com

    • CMBFurthermore I am a dark post TV number and I’m still getting kicked out of this membership I have a dress this before several times says:

      What is the significance of the roll out the red carpet we all know what that means. Furthermore I am a dark post TV number and I’m still getting kicked out of this membership I have a dress this before several times

      • (1) I too have had zero success in using my iPhone (Safari Browser) to log into the secure site https://watch.darkoutpost.tv/webtv-v3/
        I gave up in disgust.

        (2) I too have had zero success in using my windows 8 laptop (Firefox browser) to log into the secure site.

        (3) The only way that I finally managed to watch the FULL DARK POST VIDEOS
        was to download and install a second CLEAN instance of the FIREFOX BROWSER onto my windows laptop pc and use it solely for opening Dark Outpost videos. Do not install any Firefox addons or pop up advert blockers.

        Open up https://darkoutpost.com/ and left double click on the (bottom FULL) VIDEO of your choice and you again will be sent to the secure site https://watch.darkoutpost.tv/webtv-v3/ and given the option to SUBSCRIBE. Click on SUBSCRIBE. You will see a tiny blue LOGIN LINK at the top which you must click on and input your Username and Password.

        You will (hopefully) find yourself on a screen where you can scroll down the page and watch the entire archive of (UN-PADLOCKED) VIDEOS available to watch in FULL.

        Got my fingers crossed for you.

  2. I have to say, I am very confused about all the clones that you exposed. Are some of these clones being used in the present “Great Awakening” movie.i.e., Bibi, Jared, Kushner,etc. Have they been replaced in order to be part of this movie run by the Alliance?

  3. Years ago I was watching Donald Marshall’s web sites and believe what he tells us about his enslavement with cloning centers. What I am trying to understand (Possible that I missed it) concerns Jessie Sabolta and personal experiences with underground ritual practice. If all the clones of the population are lined up down the tunnel system of the awful military shadow satanists, why doesn’t she spend more time on the subject? This massive amount of bodies would be hard to miss.

  4. Why is it that after I signed up and logged in and the screen is blank (black) with search that goes nowhere? Why can’t it just play in safari? Must I install an app to watch? If so, then which ap.
    There are zero help instructions on this site how to access the full streaming tv shows.

    • CMBFurthermore I am a dark post TV number and I’m still getting kicked out of this membership I have a dress this before several times says:

      Yes I have the same problem

  5. You brought up a good point about Paul McCartney everybody knows that he was replaced my question is where all the Beatles replaced by clones because John Lennon does not look like John Lennon

  6. And what about Britney’s younger sister? “Zoey 101” filmed in Malibu at the Highschool .. “Zoey” got pregnant while underage.. by no other than a famous Nickelodeon Producer,whom ruined “Amanda’s” Life.. as well as many more.. known for an underaged “foot fetish”

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