Video Proves Boulder Shooting False Flag

A citizen journalist captured video which proves that the Boulder shooting was a false flag designed to implement gun control. We’ll show you the video and offer analysis on the plans of the global cabal to disarm American citizens. Plus…Victoria Kellogg discusses the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of relatives and the Disney Pedogate empire. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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      • It’s true – the real Obama was executed long ago. So was big Mike.
        Just about everyone you see in DC are clones or doubles. Biden also since he’s already on the executed list.

  1. Well seems the pos cops are not one bit interested in checking the people down for a pulse as well the fake swat team isn’t one bit excited or interested in addressing the gunman, fake as fuck, this is not how a real scene with a gunman in action is done, the swat and police are more interested in getting rid of the journalist instead of helping the supposed victims, shame on these phones lying criminal fucking swat cops, jail for them all, this is how many law officers are, liars, criminals big changes needed with law inforcement. The leftest cabal will stop at nothing to control America, how much more crap will we have to watch before the law puts them all in jail where they all and I mean all of the fake fucks are being punished. This is very serious and how dare lawmen play these games, blister there asses with full extent of law.

  2. The journalist was filming this 1 hour and 30 min AFTER the shots. I would assume the injured were already removed from the scene. The shooter who was shot in the right leg, with blood running down to his ankle,was led off by police walking away to police car or ambulance. All shooter had on was under shorts.

    • Well in the video you can hear shots fired. so you’re a cunt and it was actually 0 minutes after the attack not 90.

  3. Well in the video you can hear shots fired. so it was actually 0 minutes after the attack not 90. When the piggies came in and made him leave, maybe that was 90 minutes after.

  4. Yes it is very interesting, the Police was after the Reporter, nobody was even close to the victims ,no blood, no Ambulance ? Fake

  5. Sheriff with beards ? NO badges just sewn in fabric stars on jackets ? The whole “Sheriff” troop follows this one UNarmed guy with a camera to get him away, ALL of them leaving the “crime scene” ? No one worried about being shot. No one scared about a shooter. Saw no fear anywhere. Sheriffs do not act like that or talk like you could hear that babbling female.
    And I swear I recognized a few of those supposed “Sheriff’s” .Look like familiar crisis actors I remember !
    Colorado was a CSA South territory until the DC gang took it over, as they usually do when they want something – they just take it and claim it !

    Obama has been executed long ago. He was given a deal but he broke it and was then executed by a bullet in the back of the head.
    The Obama you see is a double and/or a clone – they use both. Same for Big Mike. He chose the death injection. There are 4 Pelosi clones. I don’t know how many Maxine Waters clones they use.
    But we were promised NO DEALS with these monsters ! Yet they are all getting deals ! That is not Justice.
    Very strange scene there..

  6. I’m beginning to think that we are being played. I believe the clones of Obamas Clintons, etc. were taken to Gitmo and executed. I believe the real ones are still doing their evil deeds.

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