Vaccine Turns Us Into Mind Controlled Slaves

All of the necessary elements of a functioning mind-control device using vaccines are present, and they’re openly described in publicly-available scientific papers. We will be herded into “smart cities” where our brains will be controlled by 5G.

“It wouldn’t be anything precise or subtle like implanting false memories or getting you to forget certain things, at least not at first. It would be general things, like Pavlovian conditioning through direct control of human emotions. The controllers could make someone hate anyone they liked, love anyone they liked, and so on and so forth. Democracy would be rendered utterly pointless.”

This appeared on Reddit Conspiracy yesterday. The unabridged version contains more scientific references.

The Vaccine is a Trojan Horse for Something Extremely Nefarious 

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I cannot even begin to tell you the danger we are all in, right now.

SARS-CoV-2 Spike proteins can compromise the blood-brain barrier, allowing foreign objects from your bloodstream, through your endothelium, and into your brain. The mRNA vaccine makes your cells manufacture SARS-CoV-2 Spike proteins, which WILL compromise your blood-brain barrier if you take the vaccine.

Then, follow-up shots will administer silicon nanowires that will pass through your blood-brain barrier, into your neurons, and be taken up by your cells as though they were an extra organelle. Fifth-generation cell network technology will power and control the nanowires in people’s brains through RF induction and beam forming technology, guiding beams of RF very precisely into their heads.

Huawei is behind the push for this stuff (with tech they bribed Charles Lieber into giving them).

The Rothschilds want everyone on the grid, because they’re very angry and afraid that they’re about to be outed for their global human trafficking networks. This is the real reason for the Great Reset. Klaus Schwab is a transhumanist and he has openly talked about blending human biology with machinery in his books.

There are a number of very suspicious things that occurred this year. Charles Lieber and a few Chinese nationals were arrested due to fraud and scientific espionage. China maintains a program called the “Thousand Talents Plan”, which is designed to recruit foreign scientists with bribery and convince them to divulge proprietary information to the Chinese, giving them a strategic technological advantage.

Charles Lieber, left, has been working at Harvard on silicon nanowire tech for the past 22 years, and with nanotech and nanoscale structures in general for even longer than that. He was arrested All of his publications are readily available here. …

Once inside, silicon nanowire field effect transistors, or SiNW-FETs, capable of reading signals from (and modulating the activity of) individual neurons. How does one power them if they’re inside cells and have no batteries, capacitors, or other power source? Simple. RF induction.

What device is capable of directing RF of the required frequency directly into someone’s head? A phased-array beam forming antenna, capable of steering beams of RF towards anything with high precision. What uses phased-array beam forming antennas? Fifth-generation wireless cell networks do.

They even have a 600 MHz band in their band plan that can penetrate tissue very deeply (millimeter-wave frequencies only penetrate the skin to a depth measured in millimeters).

Just one little problem left. How to get the nanowires into the brain, past the blood-brain barrier. Normally, the BBB keeps foreign objects out of your brain tissue. There is one thing, however, that compromises the BBB very handily. SARS-CoV-2 Spike proteins.

You see, COVID-19 is a vascular endotheliitis. This virus attacks the lining of people’s blood vessels. That’s why it causes blood clots, heart attacks, pulmonary edema, and all these other weird symptoms that one would never expect from a pneumonia. Its manifestations are protean because blood vessels are everywhere in the body. This is why it seems like an “everything-virus” that can impact every organ; it can cause viremia and inflammation in many different vital organs, as well as aggressive coagulopathy and neutrophilia.…

Now, what do you suppose would happen if someone with a compromised blood-brain barrier happened to have a bunch of silicon nanowires injected into their bloodstream?

Klaus Schwab openly professes transhumanist leanings in his books, even describing the use of mind-reading to determine people’s level of security threat:



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