The Bill Gates Depopulation plan Is Succeeding At Culling Human Populations: Fertility Rates Plummeting Around The World

Bill Gates, Co-Chair the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation shows a vaccine during the press conference. UN Photo / Jean-Marc FerrŽ

Some of the richest people in the world believe that societies are overpopulated. These very influential people are interested in strategies to control the population and curb family growth. Their wealth shouldn’t make them the ultimate arbitrator over human life, but they have plans for you and your family regardless.

While their plans sound so lovely for the environment, a declining population will cause an inverted age structure that could pose tremendous burdens to the working class and cause great suffering to the elderly.

Bill Gates admitted in a 2010 Ted Talk that vaccines and other healthcare measures are used to reduce the world population. He believes population growth is a problem that can be stopped “if we do a great job on new vaccines.” The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is heavily invested in vaccine projects around the world through his flagship organization GAVI, which partners with pharmaceutical companies and foreign governments to deliver vaccinations to children in poor countries.

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