Moon HOAX CONSPIRACY – Was It Only A Paper Moon?

The BEST video/documentary on the subject, written & low budget produced by an actual scientific investigative journalist (who was later found dead, mysteriously) is this one.

He interviewed the friggin DIRECTOR of the Apollo “mission”, the man responsible for training the Astro-NOT$ on the usage of the L.E.M. moon lander… who goes on to look into the camera and state that he ‘never had to train the Astro-NOT$ to actually GO THROUGH THE LEM HATCH – which is measured in the documentary & proven that it was not possibly able to allow a fully packed astronaut to enter or exit from.

The film producer then says ‘so I guess they just had to TRAVEL THE 250,000 MILES TO THEN JUST “WING IT”

Good stuff, great footage, ignore the poor-mid 90’s VHS quality to this copy that someone uploaded: