Forced Vaccinations Begin

We have been told repeatedly that the COVID-19 vaccinations will never become mandatory. Yet several states have already been implementing forced injections, checkpoints, monitoring devices and detention at military facilities for those who do not comply. Joe Biden is still being denied access to the Pentagon as of last Friday. An inside source has provided Dark Outpost with the full transcript summary of Hillary Clinton’s military tribunal from 2018. And…Dr. Winnie Heartstrong uncovers the PSYOP that is the George Floyd murder trial as the case heads to the jury. Plus…A visit with special guest Mel K. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Why do parts of your body and your chair keep disappearing when you’re talking?

  2. The video that you have included in your dark outpost forced vaccinations….other sources say that this same video was made back in 2009. Could this be a conspiracy that has not come to pass or is this claim “False”.?

  3. Poloci is as bad as Maxine Waters.
    I agree with what you said she is.
    Im looking forward to see President
    Trump taking up the White House. I’ve
    been watching your video’s since 2010. Its so interesting here. God Bless you , keep up your good works . I have paid my dues for a year.

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