Strange Days Strange Skies

We are living in strange days. And recent events in the skies over our earth are even more strange. Chemtrails are being blamed for everything from COVID-19 to Morgellons. One individual even claims they are demonic in nature. Ronnie McMullen will join us to discuss the latest intel. Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta returns with an update on her ongoing battle with Larry Gaiters and her discussion about yoga. We’ll also continue our coverage of Michael and Debi Pearl. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. On an appearance of Dr. Fauci, recently Sunday morning television reminds me of scenes from the classic Indian Jones movie: “Raiders of the Lost Ark” when in the deep underground cavernous DUMB, Dr. Rene Belloq gives the invocation and then the top of the Ark of the Covenant is removed. ……..

    Silence and disappointment follow as it is discovered by the Nazi’s and the lovably villainous Dr. Belloq (A character played to perfection by English actor Paul Freeman, prima ganz gekleidet in white safari fedora and matching field gear)that the mythical tables given to Moses on Mount Sinai by the hand of God, had turned to sand….OOOPS!

    Then, as everyone remembers, the bespectacled pie faced Nazi begins chortling and then uproarious laughter. That’s done it! God, slow to anger swiftly punishes the wicked trespassers for their sinfulness by causing faces to melt, heads to bust and laser lightning to drill into the skulls of those who mock the face of God and his Shekinah Glory.

    When I see Dr. Fauci make such a boastful and arrogant appearance, claiming Senator Rand Paul is a liar; and mentioning the Washington D.C. riots as being at least partly his responsibility, the effect in terms of emotional tone seems similar to this disrespectful arrogance portrayed in this movie classic.

    Huge smile, big laugh…absolutely no problems or concerns in the slightest. Very sick.

    • Alex Jones: 12/01

      Alex reports that given the release of documents ordered by U.S. Federal Judge concerning Pfiser data and effects on the public of the death jags, he reports bombshell findings! The first 30 pages of an ordered 500 pages of documents per month, show horrific adverse effects of Pfiser death jabs.

      Alex Jones says that if Donald J.Trump DOES NOT STAND-UP AGAINST THE VACCINES GIVEN THESE FINDINGS; if he does not speak out against the vaccines, and report that he was mistaken about the vaccines, he is DONE!

      Alex says that President Trump will be his enemy if he does not speak-out against the dead jabs, and the murder agenda, and I AGREE!!!!

      I was one of the earliest Donald J. Trump supporter in Wisconsin in 2014. I was a GOLD MEMBER SUPPORTER, and was recognized by Corey Lewandowski. I was offered an autographed copy of his most recent book honoring Mr. Trump’s campaign the earliest most loyal 1% supporters. I was given an invitation to the Presidential Inaugural Event in 2017.

      Mr. TRUMP, I AGREE with ALEX. Sir, if you do not take a stand against these death jabs,….Sir, your political career is done. I predict that you will never hold political office in the United States ever again. Mr. TRUMP….speak out against the vaccines NOW!! Stop the death jabs! SAVE AMERICA’S CHILDREN!

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