The Real Zombie Apocalypse

Ginny Silcox provides evidence that the COVID vaccines will literally turn those given the injection into zombies. Dr. James Fetzer concludes his series on the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial as the jury deliberates his fate. Bob Kudla has economic predictions as holiday shopping comes into focus. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Ginny Cillcox is my favorite!!! She saves lives!!! Please David put Ginny for 4 full hours. Her research is crucial!!! It truly is EMERGENCY announcement!!

  2. There is a occult component to the Vaccine Technocracy currently in full gallop. According to Patrick Wood author of: “Technocracy Rising” he talks about the new system of genetics being launched, is a control order and economic system based on the Philosophy of Technocracy and pharmacology. Genetics is the main science, front and center.

    It is about the expedited evolution of human beings; or at least the control of all humanity!

    The God of Creation was not at first abandoned by the occultists, but it was found that witchcraft and occult practices, were developed to SPEED-UP the events and processes of the natural world. Genetics, now is the science attempting to fulfill these ancient occult desires! Humans through the ages had to wait for the natural progress of nature and its careful processes based on natural regulation. The occult World wants to work on its own timeline.

    The new Technocracy is an attempt to control the speed of events, or becoming GOD. Scientists now believe that they have the answers to “save” human nature thorough the expedited processes of evolution.

    Technocracy is the science of social engineering. The assumption is everyone must be included in this system in order to make mandated evolution of human beings possible, and un-interrupted! The fewer the outliers in the system the better in order to control a new social order and system. The new scientific view is everyone must be in the system, because those who are not going along, are going against the control system.

    This is it! Human Being 2.0 ! It is about the control of humanity through the control of the very essence of life, human genetic codes!

    Another book Mr. Wood recommends is: “The Technocracy Study Course” by M. King Hubbert.

    >>>> This is the end of everything that Americans know and love, unless this is stopped!

    • Under Technocracy, humans will be just as happy as the cows in the field.
      The problem is that humans need to be productive, and have and the honor and dignity of productive work. Humans have pride and drive in the developing of personal and God-given potential, which goes against this ideology!

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