Dark Outpost LIVE 10-05-2021 COVID Vax Creating Black-Eyed Children

Women who mate with men in situations where one or both of them have been given the COVID vaccination are producing genetically altered babies with black eyes, who are able to hold up their heads from day one and who can crawl at two weeks. Airman Jim De Francisco discusses CERN. Ronnie McMullen with health news. Pastor Bill MacGregor with more Biblical bombshells., Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. can not watch the show on rumble on tv or laptop today live.last tues no show on rumble live but at night on tv from roku ok-today-shows a show on dark outpost but can’t get on-not showing a live show on rumble. update ok though live

    • I couldn’t get on the first hour either, and I’m a regular guest speaker. (lol).
      as Airman Jim.

  2. Those kids look ALTERED. Holy smokes something is weird here. They look alien. This is legitimately freaking me out.

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