Demonic Entities Escaping From CERN!

CERN is preparing for a major announcement, that they have discovered something inside the collisions happening at the large hadron collider (LHC). The Illuminati is celebrating the opening of the fifth dimension, one beyond space and time. All Hell has broken loose and demonic entities are escaping. Brice Watson continues our deep dive into the banned books of the Bible. Pryme Minister weighs in on the news of the day. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Of course they are. They are blood thirty Norwegian-Russ Vikings banished to Hell. The Swiss are giving then a break. Jail Break!!!!

    CERN is French language acronym for: Counseil European pour la Reicherche Nucleaire. The European Council for Nuclear Research.

    The L.H.C. (Large Hadron Collider) is a particle accelerator laboratory under Switzerland and France. This research being done and type of laboratory are NOT NEW. The Swiss have improved on old technology. Yes, a large percentage of the L.H.C. was bought and paid for by the Swiss government. I should know, I am Swiss by family.

    (No, the Rothschilds DO NOT RUN SWITZERLAND)

    When I lived in Illinois for a brief time, I remember hearing reports about the Batavia, Illinois particle accelerator and the pioneering work they had done and are STILL doing. No one is shocked that Illinois researchers have some deadly black hole opening device,…… because it is nonsense. It is fine for the American M.I.C. to have this type of physics being conducted in the United States, under the watchful eye of some military troll; but oh, not Europe, by the Swiss! The fear is that the the institute will actually make something of its research and become strategically more viable than the United States. That’s all.

    >>>>The knowledge of course will be shared. Patents should be awarded to those doing the work, and have invested time and lots of money into this research, and have created novel and useful products from the NEW understanding of this research. The Swiss I know, are not fools with their money, and expect a return on this investment,…. which they will get. Naturally oil companies are putting up a full court press. GOOD LUCK!

    If ANYONE wants to know how I know that the United States went the the Moon six (6) times–JUST ASK and I will tell you! After six (6) missions to the Moon research data sits in vaults. Picture remain unexamined, and going to waste. The hyperbole over the L.H.C is over control; or the losing of it. New science and technology are GOOD things they are never not bad. They are bad for old ways, old paradigms, and those who stand to lose control.

    The L.H.C. has been the center of much hyperbole being talked about in the Ron Howard (darling little “Opie Taylor”)movie:”Angles and Demons”. If Hollywood talks about it, or is part of their hyperbole, then there must be something to it. Oh no what are those secret Swiss hiding?

    Consider what would happen if the following list of brilliant pioneers had yielded to their distractors; and what accomplishments would not have been achieved:

    >Montgolgolfier brothers: They were the first to rise in hot air balloon
    (Oh NO spirits–Demons!)

    >Bernoulli: This Swiss aviation pioneer is credited with the discovery of
    the air foil, through the study of bird flight. Bernoulli Principle is
    the basis of aviation. (Oh NO spirits–Demons!)

    >Wright Brothers: From Ohio, without saying,Takeoff:(Oh NO spirits-Demons!)

    >Gottleib Daimler: This discoverer of the automobile with his self-
    propelled bicycle, was surely warned NOT to travel faster than the fastest
    horses or he would surely die! (Oh NO spirits-Demons!)

    >Edison: He was surely into witchcraft-and not to mention upset a lot
    of candle manufactures. An incandescent light bulb–burns forever!
    (Oh NO spirts-Demons!)

    Is it not better to invest a few billion dollars worth of money in a laboratory that will help the World with new and improving technology?

    Is it better to enforce the old policy, and build more worthless aircraft carriers to assist in the fear and the killing of humans? That is the choice.

    CERN for the fools who want to call it that, is about new science, and truth. It is about re-discovering Man’s place in the Universe. Ii is firmly opposed by the D.S. and cabal, unless they control it.

  2. Clarification

    The project is firmly in opposition in spirit to that of D.S. and cabal, which is about hiding, or concealing or occulting of truth, from the People unless they control it. They do not.

    If the fantasy book, “Dark Fleet” by Len Kasten is at all true, the Earthlings are now getting caught up to what the secret cults have been dabbling with for decades.

    • Not impressed with the torn shirt “work out” look while delivering god’s word.. how about step up your style beautiful Brice?

    • I wanted to let the gallery know that I have informed the Swiss to ig.NOR the demons escaping the L.H.C. and proceed: DO IT–FULL POWER!!!!


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  4. There have been no checkpoints in Virginia. I’m in a neighboring state and have connections all over Virginia.

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