Who’s Behind The Endless Wars?

Guests: Erik The Mind Control Guy says he believes he was cloned. Stephanie Schapp discusses Plum Island horrors. Dr. Lana Kontos talks about the importance of body mass index. Dave Emmons breaks down his new book Endless Wars. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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    • Q: Who’s Behind The Endless Wars?

      A: Jesuits
      Jean-Baptiste Janssens SJ (22 December 1889 – 5 October 1964) was a Belgian Jesuit priest who was the 27th Superior General of the Society of Jesus. The D.U.M.B’s are a product of his initiate as described by Eric Jon Phelps written in “Vatican Assassins.” CIA (Catholic Intelligence Agency) J-B J (SJ) ordered the execution of President Kennedy because the infiltration of the army of IHS was at risk of being itself extirpated and its initiative broken into a thousand pieces and thrown to the winds of time.

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