Erik The Mind Control Guy!

Erik The Mind Control Guy claims to be a Project Mind Altering Research Study (MARS) survivor, and survivor of numerous other projects that he says never should have been allowed to take place. He was born and raised in Ventura County, California, and is a veteran who served in the U.S. Army. Dr. Lana Kontos has Wellness Wednesday. Doug Phipps joins us to discuss his litigation against Barack Obama. David and Penny have the day’s top news stories. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. They might be having website difficulty. I am waiting for wednesdays live feed in Texas time for an hour. I hope all is well.

  2. Actually I wrote my first comment at 9:57 am Texas time but moticed time is not recorded right either. So, their having video, audio problems snd clock is out of sync. I’m thinking probably a small over looked thing.

    • This issue has been going on since halfway through Wednesday’s show and now today. I was able watch maybe the first 3 minutes and then it switched back to the start of yesterday’s show. What is happening?

  3. Dr. Lana Kontos is wrong. All vaccines are bad, they are poison, since viruses do not exist in the way that we have been brainwashed to believe.
    David, you need to have Dr. Robert O. Young on your show, he is just one of many doctors who will tell you the truth about the Medical Industrial Complex.

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