Bombshell: CERN Is Entrance To CIA Headquarters!

CERN has been identified as the secret entranceway to the subterranean headquarters of the CIA in Switzerland. We have a special report. Jessie Czebotar od Illuminate The Darkness discusses the United States Military MK ULTRA and other psychological programs to recruit young children into the armed forcers beginning as young as preschool. Sandy Glaze and Norman Traversy continue their report on government sponsored Satanic activity in the United States and Canada. Plus your telephone calls. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. I had a dream, crazy dream.

    I saw an apocalypse and ending of the World.

    I looked up and saw to my horror a fleet of mother-ships all scarlet and silver and green. They were approaching over the horizon in formation making bizarre and terrifying sounds. As they approached I could see that they were enormous frogs! They were portly and perfect of description of any giant toads only were pulsating and humming and flashing and emitting terrifying reverberation which could be felt as well as seen.

    The toads were wearing capes that flowed in their aft and upon their head were long fluted hats, all jewel encrustation and inlay of intricate patterns, just like a Papal miter.

    My God! My God! I shouted, those are Catholic invader toads all resplendent; and the one in front held a wand or baton in its left webbed foot. In the other were seen tiny screaming children!

    Then the fleet of floating toads came to full stop, and with one last insult to humanity; the merciless demons opened their mouths and with guttural earth shattering belches shouted-out: GOYIM! GOYIM! GOYIM!….then all silence……

    ……Then I beheld mechanical sounds like an elevator, and hydraulic sounds and then came forth each it devil’s tongue.. red, pulsing and throbbing …and then the DOOM!

    Then commenced the phaser laser bombardment. Building after building disappeared as if being snatched-up as so many flies!

    This Catholic nightmare is 10,000 times more likely to be true than anything mentioned in David’s story.

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