The Real Reason Behind The Abandoned White House

Dark Outpost has learned exclusively that the real reason the White House has been abandoned since Trump left office is that at least two directed energy weapons attacks on the building were a deliberate attempt to assassinate the President and critically wound his staff. Who was behind these attacks? The answers will shock you. Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta will discuss The Book Of Jubilee as we continue our examination of the banned books of the Bible. Leave the world you think youy know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Well I imagine the troops kicked some real A double snakes. Dang! Well my good man. I hope your sources are not semi psyops. Not to write a tongue twister but sorted in semi psyops are something of a sinister sort in sinful silence some silly sidekicks sanctify so seriously such slick sorts who stifle the stupid. 20 bucks says you can’t say that five times fast.

    Man are these taters good. Anyways don’t worry about Augustus and Veruca, they’ll be wiser for the ware.

  2. What’s with the pauses? Did you cut one? You don’t need to stop speaking during release, it’s actually counterintuitive.

    Don’t worry I’m not some basement Bernie Bro. I love this platform and I take my hat off for you man. Love the Yankee drawl you have. Go Patriots.

    • forgot to tell you where ever these birds are falling from the sky there is a experiment Arkansas is one there is alot more , and is this weapon mobile alot to think about . let me know what you think

  3. There will not be a Great Reset. The Alliance is fully aware of the Cabal’s plan. They have been stopped. There will be a Great Awakening! Yes the d.u.m.b.s were found underneath the W H and the Capitol building! Thousands of kids and adults were removed both dead and alive. Yes the vaccine and the test was to connect us to AI Nano bots to a hive mentality. The resonance will be increased so we can avoid being combined with the Aliens. They can’t take the higher frequency. What you’re saying is true. It was the plan, but its not going to happen. Trump and the Alliance have been able to stop it!

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