COVID-19 Flare-Up And Tyrannical Edicts: Just A Coincidence Right After The Election Fraud?

(Natural News) Well, here we go again. COVID-19 hysteria is peaking once more and it’s coming just days after a momentous presidential election.

(Article by C.M. Mentor republished from

What a coincidence! Is there any possibility that this is happening because the Democrats feel the need for a big, attention-getting distraction from the stench of a fixed election?

It is becoming very apparent that there was a mind-blowing level of vote fraud, in several states at least, to rob Donald Trump of a landslide victory. Not the usual, criminal Democrat vote fraud, but industrial-strength, highly criminal, highly coordinated fraud. Fraud using every known trick and what looks like a bunch of new ones, too.

The usual tricks include dead people voting, people voting multiple times, paid-for votes, miscounted votes, deleted votes, created votes, etc. etc. These things seem to happen every election when Democrats are in control.

This election, however, might involve ballot creation and vote-tabulating computer software jiggering on a massive scale. Truckloads of ballots delivered in the middle of the night, pristine ballots for only candidate Joe Biden with printer-accuracy selection marks or machine manipulated irregular marks, large vote blocs suddenly moving from Trump to Biden, all vote blocs marking only Biden, and exactly the same percentage of votes favoring Biden versus Trump in numerous state precincts, and many other very odd anomalies. All of this stinks and everyone knows it.

Fair-minded people know that Donald Trump’s campaign was light-years ahead of sleepy, masked, basement-dwelling Joe Biden’s. Trump often had four or five events every day which drew tens-of-thousands each. He did this day after day and he is 74 years old! There was tremendous enthusiasm for his candidacy. Joe Biden often drew about 10 people at his events, and sometimes voters literally ignored him. Fortunately, they were all in their safety circles with face masks on. Donald Trumps outstanding campaign, the success of down-ballot Republicans, and his resounding vote lead well after polls closed all point to his highly-probable, amazing victory.

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  1. It pays to keep up on the prophetic. Not so much to know what is coming, but that you aren’t taken aback when it happens.

  2. Either this outlet is ignorant or is in on the propaganda! Here I was reading the first paragraph, thinking wow, a news site that tells it like it is. But then the rest about democrats. Where is a news site that tells the truth? Nowhere because it’s all controlled by freemasonic globalists. It’s not about democrats or trump. Each side dances to the tune, while the news regurgitates what their told to say by them with bits of truth in there articles. Most just can’t see because of their denial that the usa and whole world is controlled by 13 families.

  3. No surprise here. Pelosi is still pushing “the new President” agenda, and in doing so, threw herself under the bus showing her true colors on where she stands with the Americans struggling financially. They’re all going to be in for a big surprise once it’s officially announced Biden is out and incarcerated (if that’ll be released).

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