CDC Plans Covid Gulag

According to the Center for Disease Control document of 26 July 2020 – an unspecified number of Americans will be classified as “high-risk” for Covid-19 in 2021 and sent, willing or unwilling, to internment camps until such time as the government decides that they are no longer “high-risk”.
“Americans will be refugees in their own country, that they will be herded like animals into squalid prison-type camps, that armed guards will watch over them, that living conditions will be primitive, that families will be broken up, that physical and emotional abuse will be widespread, that the level of psychological stress for many will be intolerable, and that at some point the ‘virus’ will enter the camp and kill everyone.”
(References are in the section below entitled American Gulag.)
“In the US in 2021, 2022, vaccines will become annual, semi-annual events. Mandatory for all… [Everyone will be] under the umbrella of the Baal system… [sucked] into the darkness of the Baal system. And the Baal system has no mercy.”