Biden Plans To Meet With Governors To Initiate Nationwide Mask Mandates

Joe Biden has plans to implement nationwide mask mandates if elected president. Over the weekend, he updated his ‘day one’ administration priorities. This came after multiple mainstream media outlets declared him the winner of the election.

The Democrat’s first stated goal would be to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. His plans include expanding testing, distribution of personal protective equipment and petitioning all governors to issue mask mandates.

During a town hall event in October, Biden already admitted he wouldn’t be able to order a sweeping mandate and would, instead, need to get all governors to agree.

“I would go out and I would call all the governors to the White House, some probably wouldn’t come,” he stated. “And I’d call the governors and I’d say to the mayors as well as the county executives, take responsibility and lay out the guidelines.”

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  1. Joe Biden belongs in prison, or his clone or reptile or whatever people want to believe he might be. Further, the tests are shown to be defective and incorrect, likely by design so increased testing will lead to increased false positives. No one can be trusted during all this, especially politicians.

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