American Police State: No Questions Allowed

When does a free state become a police state?  Is it when government declares itself “essential” but religious worship “selfish”?  Or when making a living becomes a crime?  Or when free speech rights are afforded only to those who say “correct” things?  Or maybe when tens of millions of Americans find themselves unexpectedly labeled as “domestic terrorists” by the military-media complex overnight?

Perhaps the telltale sign is this: simply asking why becomes subversive.  Questions become bigger threats than foreign missiles.  Words are regarded as weapons legally possessed only by those in power.  For all else, they are rendered contraband.

If Congress were transparent, rather than vindictive, and if its members worried more about finding truth than burying it, then lawmakers in D.C. would have spent the last few months quelling doubts about the 2020 election instead of intensifying those doubts with a second, inflammatory impeachment.  Alas, we’re ruled by unserious people who take their power very seriously.

Consider the following contraband questions Congress will never answer:


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  1. This will end badly for the left, if they kill trump that will trigger a mass of pissed off Americans and there will be justice to pay for the left, we the people are far more powerful and we out number them by millions and millions, this idea of forcing a vaccine that has nothing to do with covid will also cause them major problems, if you think that vaccine is has anything to stop covid go on the medical dictionary and see what each ingredient is and does, I did and they know it causes misscarriages and says it doesn’t on fake news stations, see for yourself everyone should before taking a toxic vaccine that statement was poison controls words TOXIC INGREDIENCE in covid vaccine, a gal call poison control gave all INGREDIENCE to vaccine and there response was if any of the items were around children the law should be called and children be removed, so do what you want but investigate shit before hand.

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