Was Anne Heche’s Car Cyber Attacked?

Shocking new video from a different angle emerges of Anne Heche violently busting through a body bag while strapped to a gurney after her crash. Questions are now being raised as to whether her car may have been cyber attacked. Stephanie Schapp continues her report on the BITE model of mind control. Tom Althouse, the real author of The Matrix movie discusses his legal battle. David and Penny have the latest news. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. For those who say that the philosophy of the Satanists (Jesuits) and those who wish to destroy the current state of the world; who are the CAUSE of strife and turmoil anyway-espouse a theory of INVERSION. That which is “GOOD” is “BAD” and that which is “BAD” (EVIL) is actually “GOOD”. Evil insists in its selfish way that it is in fact GOOD because it argues that if it were not for its infectious venom, GOOD would not be self aware of its own qualities of “GOODNESS” therefore the EVIL of the world does a favor to the GOOD by letting it know of its qualities or just how GOOD it is. EVIL insists that having this ability to define and modify the narrative, it insists that it is BETTER than the GOOD and therefore this perverse knowledge of NO SUBSTANCE and NO SPIRIT is actually “GOOD”.

    This fallacious argument is like offering this amusingly ridiculous and fallacious proposition:

    “IF and when and ONLY when a person is forced to drive s rusty YUGO in the dead of a Midwest Winter without heater..and equipped with an alcoholic’s ignition breathalyzer lock-out– CAN ONE THEN and ONLY then truly know and understand how magnificent it is to drive a Mercedes-Benz Maybach 62 Zeppelin.

    FALSE and preposterous!

    The first premise is always bad no matter what. Always undesirable!
    The second premise is always VERY GOOD. Only a brainwashed cadaver would choose torment. The BEST versus NOTHING. The BEST is not better. Nothing better than the best.

    It is always about choice, is it not?

    It is always a renewal of the mind through spirit and life–or a false “renewal” based on selfish decadence, decline, deceit and death. Always CHOOSE to BE KIND and perceive the good into existence. ALWAYS shun and resist ignorance which is fuel and inertia of EVIL!

  2. Yes it was. The video obtained verifies the brakes were applied as vehicle sped by, even discharging debris from hub centers. You can also hear the grinding. A IP forensics investigation should be initiated immediately including but not limited to activity logs on local ip addresses and wifi connections for signal anomalies. Plain and simple, she was murdered after she was placed alive in emergency vehicle.

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