Trump’s Body Double Acting Sick In The Hospital, Trump At Secure Command Center, Whilst Arrests Of Bad Actor Intelligence Are Planned

NUKE PRO: Exposing Truth Anti-Nuclear Information and Resources, and Disaster Preparation Planning:


Trump got the PCR test. You know the one with 90% false positives as proven HERE.

And there is no talk about “re-testing” or performing the better test.

Melania did not go with him.


That should be all you need to know, to say, something is rotten in the state of Denmark.   The pictures are 1 day

apart, the sick Trump2 is wearing a purple tie….remember all the purple fashion of the Clinton gang, especially after they lost?


What could be the motivations for this play?

) High probability of Assassination attempt(s)

2) Indictments previously sealed, and now warrants and arrests previously sealed about to be carried out.

3) Flush out more of the rabid left, jumping on the chance to wish for Trump to die

4) Allow assassination attempt of Trump2 at Walter Reed.   Identify guilty parties.

5) Some play on the “debates”?

6) Exposure of the criminal communications and coordination between Fauci, Redfield, and the WHO, Gates?    Under FOIA HHS to start producing documents and said they could not delay until after the election.

7) Trump amazingly cured by HCQ

What else Autists?   What else can be going on here?



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