Trump Running Shadow Government

President Donald Trump has established a command center and is running a shadow government from Mar-A-Lago. Dementia plagued Joe Biden is signing blank documents as executive orders that are not even listed in the Federal Registry. Barack Obama hologram glitches as more evidence proves Obama was executed At Gitmo. Plus…Ronnie McMullen on disclosure of extraterrestrials and Marilynn Hughes on out-of-body experiences. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Imagine a war where all the people at Biden’s best rally attack all the people at Trump’s worst rally.

  2. Mister Zublick, perhaps you have a channel to one or to all of them> Please tell to president Donald Trump and to General Charles Flynn and his brother General E.Flynn and to Carolyn -Bessette Kennedy, that they should read or short . bc = behind corona. Insight of science in a big weakness of the enemy can mean victory.
    Perhaps you can tell us, what your possibilities are. WW3 is going on and we should use “weapons”, which work.
    In case that the enemies are sabotating the bc/website, we can send you the full text via or place it here.

  3. Love the work you guys do, a wealth of info every time I have the pleasure of tuning in. However, I’m a little perplexed abt the info you’ve presented here on Obama. When my curiosity is sparked I must tend to it,this is why Ive follow you for months. Ive searched that video with Obama speaking,and there is no glitch (found 2 of them). Same footage, same angle, using search engines other then “Garggle”.. Can you explain ? Up until now, I have never found anything you’ve presented to be questionable. Everything usually line right up with much of what I do know.

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