Trump Already Inaugurated?

New explosive evidence indicates that Donald Trump may have already been inaugurated into his second term. Jessie Czebotar of Illuminate The Darkness exposes Mike Pence as a sadistic Satanic pedophile who raped and sodomized 12 year old boys. John Carman demands answers as to why it is taking so long for Trump to drop the hammer. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. I’m afraid that our great president has no choice but to throw the towel in because he has no loyalty left inside the white house and they are blocking his every move and conversation. They have likely threatened him in every way and scenario. How does it feel to know our entire government from politicians to the fbi to the supreme court, all are corrupt and complicit in the betrayl of the country, constitution and people. Communism are already showing how they are going to run this country. Censorship happening like it is, nothing being done or said about it. I am deeply sickened by what I’m seeing. Would I give my life to save this country?, I think we all need to ask ourselves this question. We must have a new party, led by Donald Trump and his children. The traitors and communists of the republican and democratic party must be put on notice.

    • Have faith, President Trump is not going to throw in the towel. The corruption is so horrible but the President is not alone, although one has to wonder if anyone has a soul in that town. The next 4 days are expected to be truly Earthshaking. I sure hope so, I’m nearly 74 and I don’t feel like spending whatever time I have, but I will not live in a communist state. WWG1WGA

    • Faith = power
      Hope = Endurance
      Charity = Forgiveness
      Be tenacious, stand with our President, with God. Trump is not one to give up on our nation or it’s people. Do what ever you can to support this warrior. PRAY, Speak out! Be heard without violence …. sheep are lead to the slaughter, I personally refuse.

    • All of our countries are the same but we have not ceased prayer and fasting these five years… it is so sad and disturbing Hayden but you said it most clearly for all and none could say it better. Chinas communist killing filth have never ceased to murder their own innocent and now they plan on doing it to all. Canadas’ Trudeaus are as complicit as your countries; God help us all.

  2. the entire siege at the capitol was staged to get pelosi’s computer.. they were all actors.. no one died.. basically filming a movie scene.. was not antifa.. how did all those people get past the metal detectors?? NO ONE HAD A GUN…. EVER….. WAS STAGED. all panic buttons were removed before congress entered the building… “THEY ARE INSIDE THE BUILDING.. MOVE, MOVE, MOVE… GET TO THE SAFE ROOM” ….military got pelosi’s computer.. then a second group of trump actors CALMLY WALK INTO THE BUILDING FOR THE PHOTO OP ON THE FLOOR OF CONGRESS BLDG. why have we not seen Obama in TWO MONTHS? WE SHOULD SEE HIM ON TV AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK SAYING WHAT A GREAT PRESIDENT BIDEN WILL BE…. YES he is in custody…put all the pieces in place.. THEY ALL FIT PERFECTLY.

  3. LOL – you keep referring to Kamala as “Cameltoe”. Not sure you know what the word means, but LOL anyway …. 🙂

    BTW – KH is a man. Check it out…

  4. 32 minutes: people’s heads are so far up their asses. I know this all too well! The executive director of my agency sends blast emails digging at Trump at every opportunity! They now believe that this is appropriate behavior.

    • No its not appropriate. I also work for a health insurance company and our President did the same. I feel that politics has not place at work.

  5. Trump´s
    Miracle Vax

    Trump spricht in seinem neuesten Video vom Weissen Haus aus von einem Miracle Vaccine. Das ist was Neues! Worum geht es da?

    Meint Trump damit vielleicht den Impfstoff, entwickelt mit der digitalen Technik eines Professors der TU Delft ? Das Neueste vom Neuen. Und genial einfach! Und schnell zu produzieren. Und billig.
    Wahrscheinlich kann man es einfach schlucken. Dann fällt Körperverletzung mit der Nadel weg und einspritzen von unvermeidbaren Begleitstoffen.
    Dann wird heimliches ZufĂĽgen von WW3-Kampf-stoffen zu den unvermeidlichen Begleitstoffen wie Wasser ein StĂĽck schwieriger.
    Zum letzten Punkt müssen wir noch nachfragen, ob bis heute beide Möglichkeiten realisiert sind oder nur eine.

    Wie funktioniert die neue Technik?

    Die Bausteine von Körpern von Lebewesen sind bekannt. Auch ein Virus besteht daraus. Auch die Stempelarme des Covid19-Virus bestehen daraus.
    Wenn es gelingt, Computerbilder der Stempelarme von Covid19 zu komponieren
    und dann mit Hilfe der Computerbilder reale Stempelarme aus realen Bausteinen zu bauen, und wenn es weiter gelingt, von den realen Mustern riesig viele Kopien zu machen, dann hat man bereits viele Portionen Impfstoffe für viele Leute: das, was man dem Immunsystem anbieten muss, damit es Antikörper produziert.
    Dieser neue Impfstoff ist unschädlich. Die Stempelarme ohne Viruskörper daran können sich nicht vermehren.

    Viel viel eleganter, als schädliche Viren in Nährstoffen zu züchten, sie dann totzukochen oder chemisch abzutöten und aus der unappetitlichen Suppe Impfstoffe zu destillieren, welche Virenteile enthalten (oder auch nicht). Was dabei alles schieflaufen kann, kann man sich leicht vorstellen. Wie gefährlich dann Impfspritzen mit solchem Inhalt sein können, auch.
    Wieviel eleganter, dem Immunsystem allein das zu zeigen, was ein echtes Virus ihm zeigt: seine Stempelarme. Dazu baut unser lernfähiges Immun-system dann Antikörper, die anklicken auf den Stempelarmen und sie fesseln, worauf dann große Freßzellen kommen und die gekennzeichneten Feinde schlucken und in ihrem Magen mit aggressiven Stoffen wie Salzsäure und Salpetersäure vernichten, lecker auffressen.

    Jetzt ist allein noch die Frage, wie unser Immunsystem in Kontakt bringen mit den Stempelarm-Kopien. Sie im Begleitstoff Wasser schwimmend in de Körper spritzen oder sie in eine Pille packen, die man schluckt?

    Die beschriebenen Schritte in der Praxis durchlaufen kostet Jahre von Arbeit. Ein TU-Professor hat die Möglichkeit, zahlreiche Studenten und Doktoranden einzuschalten, die seine begrenzte Arbeitskraft ergänzen und auftretende Schwierigkeiten zum Teil mit eigener Findigkeit meistern. So ist es Teamwork, finanziert von uns allen. Denn der Professor bekommt sein Gehalt vom Staat. Und die Studenten bekommen ihr Gehalt von ihren Eltern. Und die Generationen vor uns haben auch mitgeholfen. Denn ohne die gäbe es die Universitäten und Technischen Hochschulen nicht.

    Wir wagen vorauszusagen, daß der TU-Professor für seine glänzende Idee und seine Arbeit in der normalen Welt von morgen den Nobelpreis bekommt.

    Ob Trump mit “miracle vaccine” nun tatsächlich das “digital vaccine” der TU Delf meint, hören wir von ihm am 20.1.2021, in wenigen Tagen, wenn er, der echte Wahlsieger vom 3.11.2020, seinen zweiten Amts-Termin beginnt und seinen Gegnern die rote Karte zeigt.

    • So the translator of this post came up with:
      Gunt Niessen says:
      JANUARY 16, 2021 AT 10:47 PM
      Miracle Vax

      Trump talks about a Miracle Vaccine in his latest video from the White House. This is something new! What is this about?

      Does Trump mean the vaccine developed with the digital technology of a professor at TU Delft? The latest on the new. And ingeniously simple! And quick to produce. And cheap.
      Probably you can just swallow it. Then physical injury with the needle drops and injection of unavoidable accompanying substances.
      Then secretly adding WW3-Kampf-stoffen to the inevitable accompaniments such as water becomes a bit more difficult.
      Finally, we have to ask whether both possibilities have been realised or only one.

      How does the new technology work?

      The building blocks of bodies of living beings are known. Also a virus consists of it. The stamp arms of the Covid19-Virus also consist of this.
      If it succeeds in composing computer images of Covid19’s stamp arms
      and then with the help of computer images to build real stamp arms from real building blocks, and if it continues to manage to make huge numbers of copies of real patterns, then you already have many portions of vaccines for many people: what you have to offer the immune system for it to produce antibodies.
      This new vaccine is harmless. The stamp arms without virus bodies on them cannot multiply.

      Much more elegant than growing harmful viruses in nutrients, then boiling them dead or chemically killing them and distilling vaccines from the unappetizing soup, which contain (or do not) parts of the virus. You can easily imagine what can go wrong. How dangerous then vaccination syringes with such content can be, too.
      How much more elegant to show the immune system what a real virus shows it: its stamp arms. Our learning immune system then builds antibodies, which click on the stamp arms and tie them, whereupon large eating cells come and swallow the labeled enemies and eat them deliciously in their stomach with aggressive substances such as hydrochloric acid and nitric acid.

      Now the only question is how to bring our immune system into contact with the stamp arm copies. Do you inject water floating in the body or pack it in a pill that you swallow?

      The described steps in practice go through costs years of work. A TU professor has the opportunity to involve numerous students and doctoral students, who complement his limited work force and sometimes master difficulties with their own skill. That’s teamwork, financed by all of us. Because the professor gets his salary from the state. And the students get their salary from their parents. And the generations before us also helped. Without them, universities and technical colleges would not exist.

      We dare to predict

  6. I hear all kinds of information which when it comes from the Democrats I don’t trust anything they say. I’ve just found Rumble, Dark, and Lin Wood. All the information I have been reading I pray it’s all true. Can you please tell me what and are the American People safe if so when is all this going down. Please I live my days talking and believing in Our Christ and Lord And Savior

  7. Easy to see from this how the USA is so messed up. It’s a shame that such a strong and well-respected nation has fallen.

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